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Caries or diabetes - time to spit!

in   a literal sense. After all Cand.Chem.Sci. Lyudmila Belsky with students and   employees of stand of inorganic chemistry of OmGU of F. M.Dostoevsky have learnt to diagnose some diseases on   to the saliva analysis: on   to the maintenance of the basic mineral substances and   to microcrystallization type.

researches in   Have begun; 2003, when future the head of laboratory of noninvasive methods of diagnostics « the Ohm - the Lab » chose a subject for   an academic year project. Together with the curator Olga Golovanovoj they have decided to develop technology of diagnostics of disease on   to a basis of the analysis of a saliva.

Noninvasive   - that is without penetration under   a skin   - the method is convenient especially for   those who with   the childhood does not transfer even a kind of pricks and   needles. Any rubber plaits drawing veins, and   other hospital attributes, and   thus   - accuracy of indications same, as at the standard analysis of blood.

- the saliva Structure is individual for   each person.   - Lyudmila Belsky tells.   - With   the help of our technique on   to the form of the crystals formed at drying of a saliva, we can estimate the general status of the person and   diseases with which he suffers affliction. It is an optimum method of diagnostics for not transferring a kind of blood or small children. In   the future we plan to develop the test - strips which can be bought simply in   to a drugstore. As, say, the test on   pregnancy. That people could carry out the saliva analysis independently and   to learn, a leah it is necessary to register on   reception to   to the doctor.

the Technique has already received a number of patents and   awards. To   To example, this autumn Lyudmila Belsky`s project and   its pupils became one of   winners of the All-Russia competition of young scientists « At. M. N. And. K on   Start ».

the grant on   Earlier has been received; creation of the innovative company from   Omsk fund of support and   developments of small forms of the enterprises, on   which means researchers have bought the equipment. Their laboratory « the Ohm - the Lab » settles down in   business - an incubator of OmGU of F. M.Dostoevsky and   will begin work as soon as repair will be finished. While researchers continue work on   to stand, and   at the same time carry on negotiations with   Omsk polyclinics: want to present a child of wide audience. In   plans   - to reach agreements about   inclusion of such methods of testing in   the list of the services rendered to the population.

For   That that all conceived by young scientists has been introduced in   life, the researcher needs to receive six millions roubles on   three years. However the basic condition of reception of this sum   - presence of the investors, ready to enclose in   the project of five millions roubles.