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« Here there will be a city - park » - Singaporeans have told, having seen the Pskov area

the Last half a year in the Pskov press often the word combination « sounds; industrial park ». The imagination draws a picture from the fiftieth years, a time of the Soviet films about workers - unbounded factory cases and the huge asphalted spaces between them.

Actually, industrial park - a present tribute, an industrial platform for the several independent enterprises of one or different branches. And the territory specially organised for placing of new manufactures - is an infrastructure and specialised management, there are no problems with energy and administrative nuances. That is - come and work.

the Primary goal of arrangement of similar zones - attraction of essential investments.

For the first time in Russia

In the Pskov area, for the first time in Russia, intend to create two industrial parks - « Moglino » and « Stupnikovo ». The project, marketing and business - concepts « Moglino » and also the development concept « Stupnikovo » without detailed study of the project of territorial planning the Singapore company JURONG Sonsultants develops. In   August the company has started to   to work on creation of investment platforms, and in November governor Andrey Turchak has signed the tripartite memorandum in   areas of development of special economic zones in   Russia.

Conclusions following the results of three months of work on the Pskov project, and also « dot » researches within several last days experts of company JURONG Sonsultants and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan have presented at meeting « Prospects of development of sectors of the industry » taken place in administration of the Pskov area last week.

Professionalism - the keystone to success

Gravity of intentions underlines structure of participants of discussion. Representatives minekonomrazvitija the Russian Federation, the ministries of the industry and   trade of the Russian Federation, the plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation   in   SZFO, potential   the companies - investors,   business - associations and   expert community have arrived to hear conclusions of the Singapore partners about prospects of industrial parks in the Pskov area.

the Singapore partners lay hopes on cooperation with the Pskov area
the Photo: Sergey GERASIMOV

- very much we hope that the attention, support, participation of the professional companies will help us to realise successfully the project, - has noticed, opening meeting, vitse - governor Sergey Pernikov. - In region there are some investment projects in different branches is both the agriculture, and building is customs - logistical complexes, and creation turistsko - a recreational cluster, there is a development of other sectors of economy of area. Today we finish the first stage of work on creation of industrial parks and we define strategic directions, key economy for development in region as a whole.

« Pskov will offer higher quality of life »

During a week previous meeting, representatives of company JURONG Sonsultants and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan electrical engineers, manufacture of agricultural machinery and transportno - logistical sphere have got acquainted with manufactures in the field of electronics, - more precisely to be defined with perspective directions of the enterprises of industrial parks.

- We are going to modernise and develop Pskov, but thus to respect its traditions, to consider modern lines and to use available possibilities, - the Singapore partners underline. - With creation of industrial parks Pskov will offer higher quality of life for the inhabitants.

Experts have studied 23 branches of economy to choose the most comprehensible. Have considered a logistical component, possible commodity markets, presence of the state support (in distribution of land, reception of specifications, interaction with banks). Presence of educational institutions for a professional training, and also low cost of the earth and rather cheap labour - details which also have laid down in a research basis.

Master - the plan of industrial park « Moglino » it will be ready to   to March of next year. To   to this time will be defined with   the company which will be engaged in management of territories, and   also with   conditions of attraction of investors on   territory   business - parks. Today there is a preparation of projects of an engineering infrastructure. Necessary sofinansirovanie on « Moglino » from federal authorities makes not less than 600 million roubles. First of all, on building of a transport and customs infrastructure, a water delivery infrastructure.

Opening « Moglino » it is planned for 2013, « Stupnikovo » - on 2014 - j. Two unprecedented for the project country are capable to change an economic situation of the Pskov area cardinally.

it is concrete

Problems of industrial parks:

- Attraction of essential investments. On the equipped territories convenient for placing of manufactures, investors will go much ohotnee, than in « an open country »

- Occurrence of the regional logistical centre of manufacture and demand.

- Increase of productivity by a diversification on all is industrial - a marketing chain, increase in coverage of manufacture by grouping in clusters.


the Special economic zone « Moglino »

the Special economic zone « Stupnikovo »


Attraction of investments in « Moglino » and « Stupnikovo »

2020 - 0,5 mlrd dollars

2030 - 1,2 mlrd dollars


Oleg Savelyev, the deputy minister of economic development of the Russian Federation:

- Special economic zones is one of tools which the federal government uses for creation of points of growth and for start of processes of upgrade of our economy. Thus we distinctly understand that upgrade is not only new machine tools, the equipment, purchase of new technologies.

is an upgrade of management at all its levels. For us participation in this project of recognised world leaders in the field of creation and operation of hi-tech parks, founders of modern model of special economic zones - the Singapore colleagues and company Jurong Consultants is especially important.

- Key criterion of a choice of a platform for us first of all not a geographical position, and readiness of local administration, local business - communities to work in absolutely new, not conditions absolutely habitual for Russia.

the Governor likes dynamism of process
the Photo: Sergey GERASIMOV

- This readiness to change and change round itself is environment today the key factor for application of those or other technologies. Without an active position of local administration neither the federal centre, nor the ministry cannot make anything. I want to urge all to consider creation of industrial parks not as any wonderful project of Ministry of economic development and trade and the Singapore friends, and as own business.

Andrey Turchak, the governor of the Pskov area:

- Work on the project goes dynamically, we move with a schedule advancing. It is a good sign.

Sergey Pernikov, the first deputy of the governor of the Pskov area:

- For Moglino we plan to receive the status of a federal special economic zone industrially - industrial type and, accordingly, to receive federal preferences both on infrastructural maintenance of the given platform, and on the further functioning (first of all, a mode of a free customs area).

- Stupnikovo will be regional park. Name Jurong Consultants is a signal for very many investors. The company works more than with 7 tysjachju firms worldwide. Participation in our work of the company of such level is 50 % of success of attraction of investors on these platforms.

the Vice-president of company Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd Bun Hian Uilfred Lu:

- the Pskov area - gate between Europe and Russia, located between two capitals. Taking into account it we see as the key purposes of a development of the region orientation to export and innovations.   we want to create comfortable atmosphere of the work, the convenient foot message in parks, the transport message with a city. We want to integrate Pskov into the European and universal space, without breaking thus its traditions.

Yury Demjanenko, the rector of the Pskov state university:

- Potential which has university, it is enough that it could be considered as the base to training and development of shots. That the university became the subject of the program equal in rights on development of parks, in high school it is necessary to lift derevoobrabotku, curriculums on medical business. With the corresponding help through 2 - 3 years we can give the widest spectrum of educational services. The high school management should have an understanding of what experts be required to area in 5 years. With this knowledge it will be easier to us to plan organizational and financial resources.

Vice-president Frost & Sullivan Shivadzhi Dasa:

- the Primary goal - increase in investments into industrial sector of Pskov. Pskov has a number of advantages, from a geographical position and attractive economic and physical communications to ecology and convenience to life.