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To winners of the championship of Republic Komi on figure skating promise a meeting with Alexey Jagudinym


Solemn opening   the Republic Komi Championship has passed   today in an ice palace « Northern Olympia » in the middle of day when the performances were already finished by the most young participants, owners of the second youthful and sports categories (by the way, to the most young participants   competitions –   in total for 6 years).

the Raising of national flags of Russia and Komi under country hymns   has passed   solemnly, and many participants of ceremony were considerably stirred – ahead at them were     performances.

Predictably, the basic struggle will be developed between Syktyvkar and uhtinskimi sportsmen.   some persons   the championship was sent by Vorkuta and Usinsk.

  the Main surprise of the Championship -     an award for the winner. And it will please any fan of figure skating. Mum of one of participants of competition has told « that her daughter   dreamt to take part in superiority to receive   the main prize   - the invitation to the master - a class with the substitute, Alexey Jagudinym, which   is going to arrive to Syktyvkar in the beginning of January on festival   « Winter Ybitsa » in Finno - Ugrian ethnocultural park.

-   Ksjusha never before so persistently did not prepare the program, as before these competitions. It every day and on ice, and houses on a parquet, till some hours fulfilled separate elements of performance, - mum admires uportsvom daughters. – very much wants to meet with   such star, as Jagudin!.

tomorrow – the second day of competitions which go on a skating rink from 9 mornings to 17 o`clock in the afternoon.  

the Closing ceremony of superiority and rewarding of winners are planned for December, 16th when the most adult sportsmen, candidates for the master of sports will show the performances.