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Frosts and snow to Moldova do not hurry

Preparation for New year there are at full speed, but what winter feasts without snow? Forecasts of weather forecasters are unfavourable, within the next few days not that that snow, even the cold snap will not be

On Thursday, on December, 15th, the temperature of air will make from +5 to +9 degrees in the afternoon. Variable overcast, without any precipitations is expected. A wind weak southern, to 3 metres per second. On a geomagnetic background small indignations are possible.

On Friday, on December, 16th, the thermometer column will rise to +5 - +8 degrees. Day will be cloudy, in territory of all Moldova deposits will drop out.   a wind western weak, to 3 metres per second.

On Saturday, on December, 17th, air will get warm to +10 degrees. In the morning and in the evening deposits are possible, day will be cloudy. A wind moderate southern, to 7 metres per second.

On Sunday, on December, 18th, weather forecasters promise clear solar weather and 7 degrees of heat. In the evening will become cold to 0 degrees, and the rain will go. A wind moderate western, to 4 metres per second.