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Admirers Beatles have written McCartney`s post card

By means of organizers of a concert of Paul McCartney in Moscow, company SAV Entertainment, club of Beatles. ru has directed the post card to sir Paul McCartney with the request to sing a special song at a concert in Moscow:

a Dear Floor!

To you representatives of mullions-strong army of your admirers in territory of the former Soviet Union are converted.

We ask to sing for us a special song which you do not play frameworks of the tour « On the Run ».

to learn, what song is especially popular among your admirers, we, with support of organizers of your performance in Moscow, company SAV Entertainment, have arranged voting among fans - on a site uniting them beatles. ru (25 thousand participants) and in three largest social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte).

We have made the list of forty your compositions which are not entering into a set - tour sheet « On The Run » also have suggested people to choose the most favourite. Following the results of voting the following five (as distribution of voices) has turned out:

1. Monkberry Moon Delight (has defeated with the big separation) 2. Hope of Deliverance3. Once Upon a Long Ago4. Lovely Rita5. Your Mother Should Know

most likely, having read it, you will think that Russian have made very unusual choice. Therefore we will try to explain it.

When we lived in the USSR, possibility to listen to the western music has been limited. On a platform, on radio and television there were only the songs countenanced by the Ministry of Culture. Songs of the western groups, in the majority, we heard only in the form of records on a magnetic tape, or from plates « on bones ».

In the seventies a song « Monkberry Moon Delight » illegally let out on a plate, heard millions times from tape recordings, as a matter of fact, became your first solo hit in the USSR, and up to that moment has not lost this status. Without knowing sense of English language, fans and amateur fate - groups have grasped a tremendous clockwork melody and selflessly sang it on parties.

reorganisation has then begun. Fate - music became more accessible. There were the first FM - stations, have begun an announcement musical TV channels. Songs « Once Upon a Long Ago » and a bit later « Hope of Deliverance » suddenly have won our hearts. Popular clips twisted on the TV at late night, we wrote down them on just appeared at us in the country videorecorders that then to show native and to friends.

Has passed a little more time. Compact - disks with music of Beatles became accessible to the wide investigator. Let with lateness for 30 years, but there was a possibility to plunge into atmosphere of Summer of Love of 1967 together with Beatles « Sergeant Pepperom » and « Magic Mysterious Travel ». Two songs closing the five of winners, just therefrom.

the Floor, with your songs we matured, on your songs learnt to think and love not one generation. And now we very much ask not to refuse to us and to execute at least one of these songs. Specially for your faithful admirers of all age from all huge territory of the former USSR. Certainly, an ovation we guarantee!