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Samartsy have enslaved Father Frost

On Tuesday evening on the main city square have gathered an order of two thousand persons. Children and adults with impatience waited for occurrence   the main wizard of the country. The shined scene, performance of local actors created fantastic atmosphere. Only here the huge fur-tree towered gloomy   a shade also spoilt a feast. Mums and fathers convinced children that only Father Frost can light fires on a fur-tree by means of a crosier, instead of any electrician. Malyshnja has got up on tops of snow heaps that therefrom it is better to consider northern visitor. Father Frost has arrived on a comfortable minibus in 18. 30, to a descent has changed on the sledge harnessed kaurym by a stallion, and has gone to a scene fenced from different directions with a protection. And here there was no nearly a discomfiture. Having approached on columns, the horse was frightened of a loud sound and has started to jump aside here and there. From the important visitor from a sharp push even the cap has flied! In general, Father Frost   It has hastened to be evacuated from sledge - it will come to no good.

this year ustjuzhsky Father Frost has driven on a main square of Samara on sledge
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Ustjuzhanin has congratulated townspeople with coming New year and has wished all a strong hold in hands and feet.  

– That new year has brought pleasure, warmth and a cosiness,   - zabasil the wizard in a microphone. - that the expiring year has carried away all grieves and a hardship! Meet New year cheerfully! Time, two, three – a fur-tree, burn! The green beauty zamertsala fires, under enthusiastic children`s shouts. Before a scene in crowd have lighted Bengal fires.

On the area it was waited by the Samara children
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Father Frost has made a lap of honour at a fur-tree, has approached to protections to greet for hands townspeople. Malyshnja pulled hands to the wizard, but, alas, they were disturbed by a lattice.   and the giant from height of the growth has not made out children. And all the same the miracle has occurred. When Father Frost left an obstacle to reach a minibus,   admirers there and then took it in a ring. People fairly potiskali dear visitor: tens hands have instantly seized a crosier to have time to think of desire while the wizard has not left. The bearded giant in the answer only ironed small samartsev on heads a huge mitten.

the Grandfather walked round a fur-tree and shook hands samartsam
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- Not Father Frost, and easier fairy tale, at it a hand gold! – has shared with «» the Samara actor Alexey Scherbinin, conducting a feast. - at such age with such rate of life to have time to do it is so much good deeds. I was amazed with with what limiting attention it concerned each child. Will necessarily ask everyone as affairs, will listen up to the end. And kiddies reported, how behaved the whole year, have filled up Father Frost with hand-made articles and letters. Me, the adult person, it has moved all to tears.  

Eventually samartsy took the New Year`s wizard in a ring, all wanted to touch its crosier to think of desire
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