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has arranged to the Minister of Defence of a rendezvous with the author of the book My army

together with the author of the book My army found out a present status of domestic army

Literally next day after article exit in My army - the truthful story how there live our soldiers ( the fatty from December, 15th) to us in edition have called from the Ministry of Defence and have asked to help to contact the author of the book My army Ildarom Bikkeninym. We have helped. And after even day of the correspondent have invited to private audience to Minister of Defence Ismailu Isakovu.

At the appointed o`clock me spent in a reception where already crowded about ten most higher military ranks.

- the Minister of Defence has called all of them in connection with the publication in your newspaper, - representatives have whispered me a press - services.

I Come into an office of the minister where the author of the book of Ildar Bikkenin and the chief of a general staff of Zamir Moldoshev already sit. Ismail Isakov passes an opinion the opinion of the book and article in really many facts specified in your book, take place, - the Minister of Defence has told. - it would be silly to deny. But, in - the first, there are some things which are not absolutely correct for taking out outside, and in - the second (pause), today our army has much more changed, unlike that time when you ministered. And to the best.

that I and Ildar Bikkenin were convinced of it personally, the minister has disposed to arrange for us extensive excursion. Since that place where Bikkenina have called, finishing military unit where it ministered. On that also have left.

republican assembly point. Here collect recruits from all country and from here them take away on various divisions and military units. Here all recruits are examined by medical board. In the book of Ildar wrote that offices of doctors remind almost ruins. Now the author is convinced that all premises are repaired. ragged plywood doors have disappeared, and instead of them there were newcomers wooden, in offices all necessary equipment the Assembly hall is completely altered: now here there are armchairs convenient for soldiers, and on walls - the helpful information for the young fighter.

it is arrived in Which - the Tashsky motor-shooting brigade. The head of department of the Minister of Defence on educational work colonel Abaj Taldybaev accompanies us. In a general staff we are met temporarily taking up a post (VRID) the commander of a part by colonel Mirbek Imaev and the assistant to the commander on work with staff (in use - zampolit) colonel Almaz Namazaliev. Zampolit at once learns the former subordinate Ildara.

part Detour is begun naturally with soldier`s barracks. First of all we go to barracks where takes place it is mountain - a rifle battalion (GSB). Here also rested during service private soldier Bikkenin.

Ildar is surprised that in barracks very warmly. Assures, when it ministered, the temperature very seldom rose above zero. Now in barracks 12 - 13 degrees with plus sign. Also barracks have made kubricheskogo type, that is have divided into some rooms where each company settled down separately.

it is looked in the shower. There some soldiers take a hot bath.

- in a shower there is a hot water?! - Does not believe the eyes of Ildar.

Walking on barracks, Ildar all time twirls by a head and is surprised, how for so short term (it has left a part in the beginning of 2005) the building was transfigured. Especially it impresses lenkomnata (a premise where soldiers spend the leisure-time). New furniture, spacious reading room, national room

- And let`s look at a building where lessons were conducted and where the sports hall is located - tells Ildar. - on a broader scale it is impossible to come Into this premise. It is assured, as now also.

- Projdemte, - easy reacts colonel Taldybaev. - At all look the eyes.

to tell that Ildar very strongly was surprised, to tell nothing. I do not know that was here earlier, but now here usual convenient audiences. Has surprised that here there is even a language laboratory where sergeants and soldiers are trained in English and Turkish languages. The sports hall equipped with training apparatus, a gymnastic apparatus, a boxing pear For women here even a separate hall for shaping was pleasant.

- yes you would see that here were earlier, when I ministered, - the interlocutor waves away on my not sounded question.

but most pleasant Ildara waited ahead. After in Which - Tashsky military unit have finished all necessary repair work, has been decided to begin building. The first object (the future school of sergeants) a building with the barracks, a dining room, a first-aid post where it will live and be trained serzhantsky part structure. The second object - a smart bath with a spacious sweating room and shower where officers and soldiers will wash. According to colonel Taldybaeva, similar baths are under construction in all military units of Kyrgyzstan. Bath building is almost finished. Examining it, we with Ildarom come to a conclusion that it is the best than public baths known to us in capital.

- also that I did not minister later, - Ildar sighs. - In such banke it would be washed