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Sparrows will sit down in an anniversary shodnjaka?

Despite a judgement, the leader an Uralmash in a pre-trial detention centre 1 yet have not sent

Sergey Vorobeva have left in a temporary detention facility of transport militia.

we will remind, last week Top - the Isetsky court has defined to Sergey Vorobevu to wait charges under guards. However, here a funny thing: to sit it should in a pre-trial detention centre 1 but while there is no charge - there it cannot place.

to Wait charges to Sergey Vorobevu remains even a week - it should appear in 10 - dnevnyj term from the date of arrest. In the same term should pass and more one court - lawyers of the leader an Uralmash have submitted the application to Regional court about the appeal of the decision Top - Isetsky court about arrest. And chrez 10 days will take place one more significant date: on September, 15th there will be just anniversary of a historical meeting of thieves near hostel the Big Ural Mountains In the centre of Ekaterinburg, organised by leaders OPS an Uralmash . The part of experts connects arrests occurring in Ekaterinburg with this meeting. Our source in militia so has commented on coincidence of dates:
- Business after all as was? Putin has gone to Europe on the summit. And here at us this meeting. Well, to it there also have told: you where, children, at you in Ekaterinburg, look, thieves fill. The president has returned and has allowed the command to understand. Here also have departed to us an order to direct.

yesterday there was one more version of an event, as unfavourable for Sergey Vorobeva. According to experts of a site Dzhastmedia to reserve leaders an Uralmash criminal authorities could also. Under this version, last year looking the Ekaterinburg thieves of Trofa has passed to an Uralmash obshchak dark blue . After that dismantlings have begun: To return obshchak at thieves it has not turned out, and they have decided to operate with other methods - to invite participants of repartition in a pre-trial detention centre where with them could understand the .


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