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turkmenbashy has died, long live Kyrgyzbashy

last week passed fierce debate in parliament on a question: to concede or not to the president, aspiring to restore the torn down vertical of the power? The most part of deputies frightened of prospect of dispersal of legislative chamber, fast has cooked up the project of modification of recently accepted Constitution, completely responding expectations of the head of the state.

it is possible to understand them: by estimations of independent experts, during election campaign of 2005 each of the future people`s choices has spent for every possible expenses to 200 thousand dollars, and it on the most modest estimations. Considering that after the first tour of voting in Zhogorku Kenesh has passed only about third of candidates, other part had to fork up on the second tour for 100 thousand.

but has put at all in it. As has told were vitse - the speaker of parliament Bolot Shernijazov, in case of acceptance by its colleagues presidential Amendments the Kirghiz Republic can be renamed into the Kirghiz khanate. Implied sense is quite transparent: we do not have anything more terribly charges in authoritarianism. Just the previous head of the state became a victim of antiauthoritative moods also.

all opponents of Askara Akaeva named it avtokratom, let even in a liberal wrapper. But we will respond themselves fairly - who from us can tell that for 14 its years avtokraticheskogo boards became not more free? Also what it on a broader scale for zhupel such - genetic nepredraspolozhennost kyrgyzov to presence over itself of any power?

and can, all our misfortune just in this kochevnicheskoj volnitse? In absence of any authorities? Here all have got used to say that svobodoljubie has provided kyrgyzam own survival in a hostile environment and has saved its independence. Yes, our ancestors did not recognise the power of every possible khans, manapov, biev, batyrov, opposed to exaltation someone from the fellow tribesmen, preferring specific dissociation.

but paradox as soon as under the threat of external circumstances they forcedly went to unity, here just at all of them and it turned out: both enemies broke, and the country strengthened. Perhaps also it was necessary to them to cling to this unification?

and as to questions of freedom and nesvobody, and at the most democratic state system separate individuals can remain as much as enslaved. Who is afraid of freedom, it the limitation, cowardice, laziness and unwillingness will change something round itself(himself) to care and nurse, despite all liberal presets. Both it littered, and will litter, both was rude, and will be rude, both fawned upon the chief, and will continue, both was cried on life, and will continue to complain of all and all.

I Remember, how after Almaz Atambaev March events on one of round tables concerning prospects of the further development of Kyrgyzstan has told: fast of the president with such big powers is not necessary in our republic. We, kyrgyzy, the servility will flatter and we will spoil any even most naidemokratichnejshego of the person .

Kurmanbeka Bakieva can be loved, and it is possible not to love. This right of everyone. I do not know, it has deteriorated or became better. And nobody knows, its fault in how the president that Kyrgyzstan continues to remain not comfortable country for residing. Because he lives here not one because and on each of us depends as we will estimate quality of our life, quality of our state.

ourselves assigned much to Askara Akaeva, now for much we wait from Kurmanbeka Bakieva. Have started talking about parliamentary republic and at once have converted looks into its party: and what there will burn out? Here such here a general dependence: Let everybody will change our life to the best! But after all it is your life, and only you in the answer how you will live it that will manage to achieve that will manage to reach.

a policy, it be wrong, of course, anyhow three times the impact on people will continue to make. But only until the person will not grow over itself, will not reach understanding that all in this world depends only on it and from anybody another. Let`s win space round itself, let`s do on centimetre it more purely, more fairly, more reasonably. And it will be your territory, independent and independent, that, where you to itself the president.