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In new year we can receive absolutely other Kyrgyzstan

the Situation with possible dissolution of parliament continues to remain foggy

Today deputies supporting a presidential line again will take out on the agenda the project of modification of the Organic law. Kamchybek Tashiev most, perhaps, consecutive lobbyist belodomovskogo Constitution visions, does not hide that the conservative wing of Zhogorku Kenesha will achieve acceptance of amendments at any cost. For this purpose in parliament the present psychological attack to fluctuating colleagues has been arranged. Same Tashiev has warned them that the decree about dissolution ZHK already lies on a table of the president and one of these days it will put under it the signature.

the information about spent in the House of the government negotiations of delegation of legislative chamber with representatives of executive power became deification of forcing of a hysteria. Consultation about self-dissolution ways, discussion of terms of new parliamentary elections, delimitation of election districts and their quantity, legal aspects of participation in elections of parties was a meeting subject ostensibly. By the way, the offer of the leader of an oppositional part of parliament Omurbeka Tekebaeva also declaring readiness for self-dissolution to develop before the new selective code and already then to disperse, its opponents ignore. They declare that it is not insuperable circumstance, and leave the right to make the amendment to the Law on elections again - taki to the president.

that it is necessary to expect? Most likely, supporters of a consensus with Kurmanbekom Bakievym will celebrate victory. Solving influence at voting for changes in the Constitution (and on Monday quantity wishing to concede to the president it was typed already 46) can play threat of proitem deputies of a setting out of sessions of parliament and then it will appear almost paralysed. And it will give the chance to the head of the state really with a light heart and without fears of national stirrings to disperse incapacitated Zhogorku Kenesh. And anything it will be impossible to do with it, as it is known, in the politician all means are good, and this way arm-twisting - quite comprehensible way of achievement of the political ends. And this not so cynical recognition, in any, even the most civilised, the state dominating political force always will use benefits of the position.

but that cannot disturb, so this division of politicians brightly designated in the constitutional question by a principle the south - the north . Even on an existing alignment of forces in parliament it is enough passing to notice - the most consecutive defenders bakievskih amendments to the Constitution basically are presented by southern deputies. It is simple to assume that urged now to defend oppositionists will orient only in one possible direction for them - the political auction. The statement of movement published the day before yesterday For reforms! about possibility of a repeated conclusion of the supporters on streets it is impossible to consider constructive. The most probable variant of succession of events in this case - symmetric actions of adherents of the president.

that then expects all of us, it is easy to foretell. Again meetings lasting many days, again information war, again threat of mass collisions. And as consequence - the prepared soil that the people at last have firmly declared: yes let takes this power any who is capable to introduce an order and calmness in the country! Who takes all completeness of the power in such situation, too is clear - the president, and who else? The constitutional court practically is absent, the parliament will be dismissed, the cabinet carries the status and. An island Judicial authority neukomplektovana, in general, all will be ready that in Kyrgyzstan the idea of superpresidential republic, even in more rigid variant could be realised to the full, than it has turned out at Askara Akaeva. So our oppositionists too should learn to endow small not to lose bolshego. Differently, they, without knowing it, conduct to crash prospect of transformation of Kyrgyzstan in the parliamentary state about what all of us will forget already for many long years.

so the most correct position of people, the interested our internal policy and trying to generate the understanding about it, there would be an expectation of acceptance of amendments to the Constitution. We will hope that deputies will accept by a majority of votes counter offers of the president. And to hesitate of it it is not necessary at all. The policy should become in calm of offices, instead of on the areas, behind a negotiating table, instead of on the battlefield. But also the power should understand that now it has too close approached to that events were beyond predictability. Therefore both parties should stop and not go any more on provotsirovanie each other.

especially at them is where kanalizirovat the power, though negative, though the positive. And the problem of creation of the new government in which, certainly, the crying need of cardinal changes for a long time already has ripened could become a point of long-awaited association. Kurmanbek Bakiev does a hard error when gives thanks to the cabinet for their work, calling thereby discontent of the people urged now to spend last copeck that though as - that to meet New year. All results of activity of the government need to be considered not on them to the made report (which, by the way, and to anybody has not been presented), and on a status of purses of teachers, doctors, engineers, simple workers.

Now it is important to understand, as the opposition, and the power should translate the dispute in gumanitarno - a social plane in common to return the nations belief in tomorrow, belief in ability of the people to rise at last over trifles of everyday life and to show the pressing forward to development. Without political boldness and width of consciousness of it not to achieve. And the main thing, more than non-standard courses which would show that our leaders love a policy in themselves, instead of in the politician. Well why not to allow to the same oppositionists to prove in the real policy, in common to work over dismantle of through rotted through system of the government. Yet there will be no national unity, there will be no leap of our country from poverty to prosperity, from national humiliation to pride of Kyrgyzstan, from general apathy to creative social partnership.

and how without mutual trust it is possible to eradicate corruption? I dare to assure that at my colleagues - journalists the quantity of complaints of citizens on mzdoimstvo employees of various state departments reaches a critical point. And if not discrimination character of the Law About mass-media not allowing the press to begin hunting for bribe takers and officials carrying out a bureaucratic arbitrariness, moral atmosphere in our society would be where more purely! That now occurs, does not keep within any frameworks. If we and further look silently at a corruption impact, Kyrgyzstan it will not be simple. Or it already will be absolutely other Kyrgyzstan