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Last earthquake has hurt more than 6000 houses

details of act of nature

the Optimistical statements of the Ministry of Emergency Measures which have sounded on December, 26th Become known that 7 - mark earthquake with epicentre in Kochkorsky area has not destroyed any building, have appeared premature. During work on a place of the special commission headed by the minister of emergency situations of Zhanyshem Rustenbekovym, it was found out: has suffered neither much nor few 6 thousand 465 houses. Such terrifying figure named the director of department of monitoring of Ministry of Emergency Measures Anarkul Ajtaliev:

- But it does not mean that all houses are destroyed completely as wrongly inform some mass-media. Destroyed, that is unfit for human habitation, it is possible to consider only 10 apartment houses. Other damages are the cracks, the destroyed flues and the roofs, the broken slate.

Fortunately, anybody from tenants of these houses has not suffered - people had time to run out, and only after that beams began to fall, and walls of dwellings to become covered by more and more increasing cracks. However, according to A.Ajtalieva, one woman has complained of the head injury put by a piece which has fallen from a ceiling of plaster. Doctors diagnosed an easy brain concussion.

according to the director of department of monitoring, in a zone where tremors have made not less than 6,5 points, 20 settlements of Kochkorsky area have got. The others 16 where earthquake was not such strong, are in Naryn area, Chujsky area and Tonsky area Issyk - Kulsky area.

session of the interdepartmental commission on December, 27th has taken place under the chairmanship of and. An island of premieres - minister Felix Kulova on whom were discussed a situation in the suffered region and the list of necessary regenerative actions. But inhabitants of the destroyed houses already now have started to receive the humanitarian help.

- The Ministry of Emergency Measures has sent there 500 sheets of slate, 9 tons of the cement, one car with diztoplivom, and also canned food and warm clothes, - Anarkul Ajtaliev has informed. - Besides, at us on call group of rescuers.

but while last, thank God, to assort blockages it is not necessary - the missing peasants are not present.