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Try a dish from a star

the Best culinary recipes from celebrated personalities

In 2007 on east calendar for change to the Dog Fiery Svinka will come. The patroness of year is omnivorous. Therefore on New Year`s Eve on a festive table it is possible to put everything that it is necessary for soul. We offer recipes of preparation of dishes from the most known people of Kyrgyzstan.

Murat Sutalinov will cover a table according to a horoscope

Head of SNB Murat Sutalinov - the person the military man, and on a culinary delicacy of time at it practically does not remain.

- Besides, I prefer all traditional, - Murat Abdybekovich admits.

But, it is as though surprising it seemed, the general - the major always observes writs of east horoscope.

- on our family festive table always there is what it is necessary to meet year of this or that animal. Now we too will necessarily take an interest that it is necessary to prepare for a year of the Pig, and we will fulfil these requirements, - M.Sutalinov has declared.

the Goose with apples from Erkinbeka Alymbekova

In a family vitse - speaker ZHK here already is a lot of years a successively New Year`s table is simply inconceivable without koronnogo dishes - a goose baked with apples and vegetables. For its preparation it is necessary to lard a carcass apples and vegetables (on taste) and that is called, with all the heart to flavour with various spices both outside, and from within. That meat was properly kept waiting, it needs to be left in such kind at the whole 10 o`clock then to send in an oven and to bake, as usual, to a traditional golden crust.

- though this dish prepares washing the spouse, I observe often of process, therefore I know all its subtleties, - E.Alymbekov speaks. - and more: in house conditions I do not represent New year without our Kirghiz dishes - mant and beshbarmaka.

the Cocktail from the doctor and showman Turata Kasymbekova

In a glass is cut by small cubes a lemon, five teaspoons of sugar are added. All it is filled in to half of capacity with vodka. Under the statement of Turata Kasymbekova, those will be delighted with this cocktail even who not priemlet strong alcoholic drinks. Kajperinja - a wonderful soft cocktail which will warm both heart, and soul.

the Duck, stuffed apples, and salad juicy from Tatyana Efimenko

the Champion of Asia and the Asian games on high jumps as she to us admitted, keeps to a diet. But also it, as well as at any normal person, has a favourite dish - a duck, stuffed apples. Write down: the cleared duck should be boiled to a semiready status, then both from within, and outside to rub with a mix prepared from ground black pepper, salt and garlic. Then it is necessary to cut segments turned sour - sweet firm apples and densely to fill them a duck (a cut it is possible not to sew up at all). On protiven, oiled to cut mugs the potato, to salt and put on it a stuffed duck. To put in an oven on 40 - 60 minutes, periodically watering a dish formed on protivne with juice.

to such duck Tatyana prefers to submit salad juicy . Its recipe is very simple: the kg of tomatoes is cut by small cubes, crab sticks (2 packings) are in the same way cut, garlic and salt are added, and all it refuels mayonnaise.

the Dish for three minutes from Assol

the preserved string bean and the corn, a ready chicken - a grill, salad leaves, raisin, a persimmon and apples will be necessary for you. A grill, a persimmon and apples cut large cubes. All components put in deep ware, mix, strew from above raisin and decorate largely cut leaves of salad.

according to Assol, style of combination of products incompatible, at first sight, enjoys wide popularity today. This dish for certain is necessary to you on taste!

the chicken in cognac from Maksata Begalieva

Prepares this unusual dish simply enough: a chicken clear, wash, fill in with cognac and leave for some time necessary that meat it was pickled.

Then a chicken plentifully grease with crude egg and mayonnaise, on taste add spices and put in an oven. To bake a chicken follows to a golden crust.

according to Maksata, this dish which is prepared skilfully by its young wife as it is impossible more will approach to a celebratory New Year`s table.

the salad Recipe olive from the expert on game What? Where? When? Boris Burdy

Boris has shared This recipe with us during the recent visit to Bishkek. So, in salad cucumbers to put not only salty, but also fresh. With fresh it is obligatory to clean off a thin skin. As meat to take not usual beef, and chicken meat and language. In salad to add a spoon of black caviar. It is possible artificial if only shone. Juicy taste I observe will give a small amount of boiled shrimps. It would be quite good to decorate olive cleared perepelinymi eggs. Carrot - on your taste. Do not love - refuse a vegetable completely. Olivier does not happen without a potato. How to calculate? Very simply. Put so much, how much consider it necessary. And as to mayonnaise, always take provansal as even it has been invented by one of members cook Olivier. That dynasty which representative was the author of this salad Ljusen Olivier. Only it is not necessary to forget that the dish offered by it, was absolutely not similar to our salad from tazika .

the Mutton leg from bard Nikolay Marusicha

the Recipe is simple. The mutton leg should be pickled any of known ways, to pepper, salt and send in an oven, where to bake to readiness. As a garnish it is possible to submit French fries.