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Bogs Zhanuzakov:
We shline to HIPIKu

Now all country discusses possibility of the introduction into program HIPIK. How much people - are so much and opinions. But here statements in this respect the today`s interlocutor, undoubtedly, will be interesting to all. We have decided to talk about background of occurrence of our external debt to the former first deputy of the head of Presidential Administration KR Bolotom Zhanuzakovym.

- Bogs of Chynybaevich, at last power you were one of the most influential and informed high-ranking officials. How it has turned out, what the country has suddenly risen before introduction threat in HIPIK - club naibednejshih the world states? It turns out, what fourteen years akaevskogo a course have led us to this dilemma - to go to us to this program or not?

- Though I and not the economist, but as obliges to me was necessary to take up the issue of an external debt of republic also. First of all I will tell that the decision at the expense of credit resources of the internal problems connected with economy and social sphere, - the normal phenomenon for all countries, and for some at a certain historical stage and at all becomes this way inevitable.

in such situation there was Kyrgyzstan at the moment of an appropriation it of the sovereignty. Without exaggeration it is possible to tell that except independence at us then was nothing. Yes, many are not tired to repeat that after disorder of the Union we still had good inheritance in the form of factories - giants, collective country economy with technics and many other things. But that they then cost after broken off, and not through our fault, economic - economic relations between the former union republics? The model of socialist housekeeping has failed, and the USSR, as a matter of fact, became the bankrupt.

in such conditions loan of financial assets for our country was inevitability. These credits to us have helped to survive in the hard times, to construct our own state house, to create a modern infrastructure without what state existence is impossible. You look: a highway Bishkek - Osh, reconstruction of the airports Manas and Osh capital reconstruction of our power supply system, the new high-voltage electric mains, the branched out telecommunication network and many other things. After all all of us know that huge credit resources have been used on development of public health services, education, realisation of social and humanitarian programs, agriculture support. To forget about it simply it is impossible.

Unfortunately, were at us and problem credits, as well as serious lacks of their use. For example, program PESAK, credits of notorious firm Andre 10 - the million Pakistan credit for creation in Bishkek the pharmaceutical industry. On a wind the huge extra resources intended for reconstruction of hostel " are thrown out; It is scarlet - Too sokulukskogo factory Torgmash development of a gold-bearing deposit Kuranzhajloo Ivanovo ovchinno - shubnoj and Bishkek furniture factories and so on.

- Bolot Chynybaevich, the list impresses. But in the same place in each specific case there is an originator of that money has left for nothing if not to tell bolshego

- As we was convinced, costs were inevitable, much to our regret. In - the first, at us were not the experience, the accurately enough fulfilled mechanism of use of external loans. And our separate foreign partners, as they say, have led round many round a finger, too it is not necessary to forget about it. That to hide, we simply unduly idealised in the beginning our foreign partners. But already since 1995 - 96 years we obtained credits under 0,75 percent, the most preferential and besides long-term.

to introduce in this business an order, after enough rigid meeting spent by Askarom Akaevichem in 1996, on the initiative of premieres - the minister of KR Apasa Zhumagulova the commission of the government on struggle against economic crimes has been created. Apas Dzhumagulovich was the chairman of this commission, and I am a secretary. And questions of an effective utilisation, return of credits and budgetary loans were almost weekly discussed at its sessions and concrete measures were taken.

results it were available. The state has started to serve an external debt regularly. In 1998 the president of KR Askar Akaev has published the Decree about urgent measures on return of credits and the budgetary loans received under guarantees of the government which has put a basis of some serious actions. Heads of those ministries and departments who inefficiently and irrationally used means, supposed their squandering, have started to be made answerable. Someone has been dismissed, on some facts criminal cases have been got.

- but that situation in which we have appeared today, could be better

- Agrees, all would be better, and we have been assured of it. Unfortunately, the country was very seriously prevented by southern events 1999 - 2000 when many means to enclose in struggle against the international terrorist gangs were necessary, the financial crisis of the 1998 which has captured Asian - Pacific region. And still then the situation was normalised. The stabilisation fund in which have been put about 80 million dollars from " has started to be formed; Kumtora . Already there were means which could be used for the decision socially - economic problems. Much faster rates small and average business, farms has started to develop. The base of Kurpsajsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION - 2 has been put, and all have gasped, because we did it by own forces. Good rates were on building of the cascade of Naryn HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATIONS.

in 1998 president Askar Akaev in one of the references declared the moratorium on reception of credit resources under government guarantees. Has earned the mechanism of attraction of foreign investments directly. It has forced to stir the initiative on places, and it must be said, that people already have for this purpose blossomed. Many have risen on feet, have got hand in and already could speak on a competitive basis with foreign investors.

today it is insulting that goes shelmovanie our own 15 - a summer history. After all these years were very heavy. We then blindly have gone by the way of development of open spaces of market economy. And step by step, by trial and error we have mastered it. That there are questions of privatisation of economy and privatisation, input of national currency, private property introduction on the earth. The present base of independent Kyrgyzstan has been constructed these years by work and then our people. That our country had a future, we should not defame the history. And today we dump all fault on one eks - the president. Today`s shots worked and then, and questions of development of republic too depended on them, they are and now.

- That you can tell about the possible introduction of the country in HIPIK?

- Offered 10 years ago MFV and the World bank, this initiative is ostensibly intended for rendering assistance to the poorest countries with the big external debts. According to mass-media we know that more than 30 countries have been involved in this program, and any of them has not become successful. To the contrary, at some debts have grown even more. Kyrgyzstan possesses high enough potential. First of all - vysokointellektualnym a human resource. Today 98 percent of the population of republic have education. On number of experts with higher education the country is high on the list in the CIS. Our young shots are claimed everywhere.

At us the richest natural resources: in bowels only the reconnoitered stocks of coal make more than one billion tons, there are stocks of tin, antimony, mercury, gold Vodno - power resources are used only for 10 percent. Enormous possibilities of development - at agriculture, the tourist industry. In due time the well-known traveller Marco Polo has characterised Kyrgyzstan as a magnificent oasis on the Great Silk way and the most convenient gate to China and East Asia. A leah also such country it is possible to equate to the poorest countries?! The simple language does not turn.

The Introduction in HIPIK means, first of all, loss of economic independence, hence, the country becomes politically operated. Do not forget that Kyrgyzstan is a member of many authoritative international organisations - SHOS, ODKB, EvrAzES. How we can combine in the political relation the introduction in HIPIK and a finding in these structures? What our role will be? We simply discredit these organisations! Powerful, notice, the organisations.

we gosmuzhi HIPIK represent as a unique way of write-off of an external debt. As you know, on March, 10th, 2005 the Parisian club of creditors the decision on write-off and re-structuring of a part of an external debt of the country was accepted, having reduced its volume on 550 million dollars. It was the triumph akaevskoj diplomacy. Fruitful bilateral negotiations with the basic creditors have begun. It was necessary to finish this business only. Unfortunately, this possibility have not managed to realise.

I read service records of the former Ministers of Finance of Bolota Abildaeva and MECHS Kulubeka Bokonbaeva, the rector the FLOUR of academician Asylbeka Ajdaralieva about possibility of write-off of a part of an external debt on account of actions for ecology preservation. And such work as them was spent, and results were encouraging. Unfortunately, and this business remains, probably, non-realised. In a word, without considering HIPIK panacea from all misfortunes, it is necessary for government to search for other ways and mechanisms of service of an external debt.

- as you consider, a leah has been predicted unexpected resignation of government KR?

- government Resignation has led to a new coil of an aggravation of a political situation in the country. A society in disturbing expectation: what else unpredictable courses will make gosmuzhi on a political chessboard? They can result in what ending? After November mitingovyh passions the country, at least even outwardly, as if was included into a stabilisation channel. The people have with relief sighed: The Kirghiz democracy has adequately passed test for durability, without shocks, 15 - summer growth of democracy has shown mature fruits. And the people hoped that with acceptance of new edition of the Constitution will come, at last - that, a confidence and development stage. But not here - that was! These games of politics in nightingales - robbers can involve the people in new abyss of fermentation, dismantlings and opposition.

- as it is possible to characterise a today`s situation in the country?

- In the politician is not present and there should not be trifles, minor questions. Here all is important, here all arhivazhno. And all will have corresponding results and consequences. Even how you go, you smile, greet, you joke Unfortunately, from giving of politicians in a society there were concepts southerners and northerners the and strangers akaevskie and bakievskie . And it is hazardous to health of the country, for its future. And it is three times dangerous that such mood gets into the youth environment. The real picture on a government Olympus reminds Krylov`s known fable the Swan, the Cancer and the Pike . Each of power branches considers that it main and worthy, it in all the rights, it is most - most Yet there will be no consent between them, understanding of responsibility for destinies of the people and the country, the temperature of political conditions will grow. It is fatal for economy and social life. God forbid, the people simply will not sustain the next shocks.