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The rural electrician nearly has not arranged Prenew Year`s revolution

From - for arbitrariness of the adjuster in one of settlements of Sokuluksky area is not has reached nearly rebellion

Everyone wants to meet New year at least with the minimum comfort. In a housing estate of Sokuluksky area (on the Vasilevsky path) the prospect to enter into a year of the Red Wild boar under dim light of candles hardly has not called small national rebellion. And all has begun with ungirdled the electrician

So it has turned out that the settlement board imperceptibly for itself has let out from - under control of the electrician which as it was found out, on village at times is more authoritative than the chairman. Shut eyes to its small extra work, excess of powers. And dozakryvalis.

- At us in village all who can, steal light. Or simply do not pay. Earlier with it as - it was possible to stretch that, and recently the board has toughened struggle against defaulters. Began to cut off a line at the first infringement, - has told - Kyrgyzstan One of inhabitants of settlement.

speak, here at the electrician the quantity of extra work has sharply increased. To it bear who pair of half-litre bottles who - 50 catfishes, and it autocratically restores a house electrical supply. Experts on village of such profile not to find, possibly, felt irreplaceable. And when to it the rigid prevention, substation in the same evening casually " have made; has not sustained an overstrain in a network .

- Yes it has made it specially! - peasants are indignant. - All settlement for some days without light has left! While from area repairmen have arrived, we were worn out

peasants regularly paying for light have reared - in the winter many of them are heated by electrodevices, country houses cool down very quickly, and at many small children. Extreme there was a board which cannot supervise the workers, in particular the electrician. On the hearings, some especially desperate heads on a broader scale threatened the chairman and for it zamam to catch at night and to arrange dark . And in the afternoon anybody was not going to stand on ceremony, hardly that - threatened with fists. Trustees were ready even bodyguards to employ for money that spot-checks on gathering of a monthly payment for light to make. And someone even has suggested to block a line Bishkek - the airport Manas that about a problem have learnt at the highest level. But before, thank God, is not has reached.

the chairman of a rural justice of the electrician has discharged of affairs, has written on its the application in Sokuluksky ROVD, and substation from a sin have far away closed on the lock. Speak, after that the lock repeatedly safely forced down.

now an electricity in settlement disconnect only for the night - that overloads any more were not. Peasants hope that in the night from December, 31st for January, 1st a feast they will note all - taki by electric light.