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The Kirghiz football has finished a season in a minor chord

Federation of football of republic, to disappointment of thousand fans, has refused to expose a national team in qualification of the Olympic Games in Beijing

the Unpleasant New Year`s gift to fans one of these days the national Federation of football has presented. Though this statement became ripe and almost for hundred percent half a year was predicted also back, our football officials have solved to please fans of sports last days the expiring year. Particularly - we will not participate in a qualifying tournament of the Olympic games of 2008 which will pass in Beijing. Our participation in these matches recognised as economically illogical! In February our children should with an interval in a week play at home and on departure with Jordan. In case of favorable exod (and preference the majority of experts gave us), we got to selection group of four national teams. Among rivals - Iran, Saudi Arabia, and also the winner of pair Australia - Taiwan. Further we should under the traditional scheme of the house/ on a visit spend 6 games. If to see the matter really - chances of an exit from group is not present. But what enormous experience for football players! At us last year actively undertook to train youth (the basic group - 19 - summer children), they received places in structure Dordoja on the Cup of president AFK, in a national team have spent cup games of a call, a youth national team of the age have taken part in the championship of Asia, became basis for the command which has won back on the Asian games in the Fur-coat. It is logical not to allow to stop to children, to load their new international games. But the Federation of football has made decision to refuse from games of an Olympic team of Kyrgyzstan this year, that is to pass the Olympic cycle.

certainly, a problem of absence of the finance - not news. Leah but so it was categorically impossible to solve this question? It turns out, remains to us in coming 2007 next scanty the national championship in which, as always, some commands for the financial reasons will not pull the second part of a season, and football players wandering on clubs will continue to cook in own juice And that is still important - hands at young children (and them, more - less playing at us all over the country the person 20 all) which so counted on this Olympic cycle fall. In football, as well as in any other kind of activity, stimulus of growth are necessary. Otherwise the person will search for other ways to be realised. And if now also this youth leaves sports - in study, in other trade, yes anywhere, it will be apogee of a decline