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The dog happens kusachej only from life dog

the Expiring year of the Dog completely has justified the name

All 365 days of the past year of policy were barked and bit among themselves, in general, sobachilis as could. Expectations have not justified that the animal, entitled penultimate year of east calendar cycle, is known as the friend of the person. But to relax early therefore as coming year of the Wild boar, so to name correct it, will come into the own only on February, 18th, again - taki on east letoschisleniju. So this a dog we still should take on a short lead that against our will has not shown at last the bad habit. What was especially remembered in the sixth year of the third millenary?

to tell the truth, all focal points of political life of a season - 2006 had so negative character that it would not be desirable them to place on any formation at all. It is necessary to throw out them, becoming certain anti - Father Frost, from the bag in one heap and to consider, how god will put.

Omurbek Tekebaev at first has left from fast of the speaker of parliament, and it has then appeared in the centre matreshechnogo scandal.

Here February resignation of Omurbeka Tekebaeva from fast of the speaker of parliament then Zhogorku Kenesh has lost the teeth and began to remind empty govorilnju more. In April for the first time there has passed demonstration of citizens against corruption: this social movement also will grow further, but to achieve the initiators and cannot - the mafia is immortal! May as also it is necessary to it, was maetnym. Murder of not crowned authority of Rysbeka Akmatbaeva, the next intrusion on the south of insurgents of an Islamic underground fairly povolnovali citizens of republic.

Berezovsky in Kyrgyzstan. Was or was not? Here in what a question.

the Successful tourist`s season with all that it implies pluses at the same time has revealed also a problem: if and will proceed further, for simple kyrgyzstantsev rest on Issyk - the Sack will turn to unrealizable dream. To many noise hypothetical visit to Boris Berezovsky`s republic has done, it is unintentional peressorivshego all politicians. Again Omurbek Tekebaev - its detention in Warsaw has called unprecedented scandal, the truth, then on the sly hushed up. And here with dispatch American diprabotnikov it has turned out ridiculously - have stamped a leg. As it has then appeared, and have correctly made.

well it is impossible to us friendship with Americans. At first they did not want to raise a payment for air base rent, and then and at all nearly have not ruined pair of our civil liners together with all passengers. And here already murder of the driver, our compatriot, to it should not pass for nothing, here to you not Iraq.

the Constitution became the national best seller.

the Constitution became the Real best seller. From - for it there has passed a train of meetings, hardly was not ended with bloody slaughter. From - for it the government, urged to follow to its example parliament has retired. But that has shown a fig with butter. And that, ministers still for HIPIK should respond them!

Universal nervousness was passed also to natural powers: only here has shaken in the north of the country - are destroyed six thousand houses. It as the finale of such difficult year, and can, as a reminder from above. Year of the Dog faster would end. As the next year the Wild boar really promises to be safe. But for this purpose there are some history.

On a legend, once the Buddha has invited to the birthday of beasts. And on sequence of arrival named in their honour twelve years of a calendar. The wild boar has come the last, but not because sluggish (in life they develop decent enough speed), that is why that our Wild boar the present philosopher and the intellectual: it is not necessary to climb like mad when it is possible to be attached easy in the end of turn. The unhealthy agiotage let will settle, let the others will fill cones and will tear apart elbows, what for to hurry, when favorable possibility will be presented also to you.

for this reason in world chronology years of the Wild boar are considered as the quietest and bezkonfliktnymi. Adam`s descendants under protection klykastogo aspire to adjust first of all personal, household and family affairs, instead of to solve global problems, especially political character. On a broader scale, the main vital principle of the Wild boar - it`s not my business! And the basis for this purpose is: As this year closes a horoscopal cycle, it as well as possible approaches for summarising and slow planning of new affairs.

so with new year you, expensive fellow countrymen. And let all bad that was in leaving year, does not pursue us in the following. But for this purpose all of us need to follow those rules which are established by the owner of 2007. And the most important thing as this animal as all know, is prolific, at his age on the Earth always there are population explosions. So love to all of you!