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New year we will meet on meeting?!

on the eve of a feast in capital the next march - the protest

It seems that meetings and the demonstrations pursuing our country within all year is planned, will not cease and on New Year`s feasts. This time the informal leader of little-known political party Zhany Mezgil Diamond Bazarkulov has decided akkurat to spend before commemorating of New year a march - the protest with the members of the same party. The reason is ridiculous. It appears, according to party Zhany Mezgil it is incorrect to celebrate a sacred feast of Kurman ajt on December, 31st. Say, he needs to be spent on December, 30th.

- from Advice of muftis of the Russian Federation to us the notification message has come that in 2006 the feast of Kurman ajt is necessary for December, 31st, - the head of department standard - legal certificates of the mayoralty of Bishkek tells Eldar Mamyrov. - This day Kurman ajt consults practically in all Muslim countries - Turkey, Malaysia, Iran

However it is the fact has not confused Almaza Bazarkulova who has declared that if Kurman ajt will not transfer for December, 30th, its party will pass with a march of the protest from a mosque to the White house . In the mayoralty it is strict - have strictly forbidden to spend in New Year`s days any protest actions. However, most likely, that demonstrators will ignore the decision of the capital heads. Therefore it is quite possible that New year the capital will meet under rough barrackings holding a meeting and brightly painted headers. The main thing that the ancient sign has not come true: as New year you will meet, so it and you will spend.

- in case holding a meeting will paralyse a traffic or other methods will strike at the rights of townspeople, we will be urged to take adequate measures, - has assured the correspondent Eldar Mamyrov.

Other procession, this time peace, is expected on December, 30th on a central square Is scarlet - Too. It is the mayoralty has decided to give a gift to all townspeople in the form of Fathers Frost procession. About Fathers Frost hundred will pass on streets of Bishkek and will distribute gifts to all meeting passers-by. Also this day on a capital central square the grandiose concert with participation of variety stars is expected.