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In 2007 in Bishkek will construct 2880 new houses

the Capital mayoralty will give particular attention to erection of high-rise buildings

next year capital gradonachalstvo has decided to step up housing construction. In total in 2007 it is planned to construct 190 thousand in sq. m. of habitation. It is an order of 2880 new houses and apartments.

- special attention the mayoralty will give to many-storeyed housing construction, - tells a press - the secretary of the mayoralty Bishkek to Danijar Shabdanov. - Thanks to measures undertaken recently as a whole on capital volumes of building of many-storeyed habitation increase.

in particular, the mayoralty plans to spend a bookmark of the base of ten more

9 - floor municipal buildings. Building will come to the end by the end of 2007. Also it is planned to construct ten 9 - floor apartment houses forces housing - building co-operative societies. There is already begun microdistrict building Dzhal - Artis (15 - j microdistrict). On the ground area the area 18 many-storeyed houses on 1400 apartments are planned to construct of 7,6 hectares. The question on building of high-rise buildings in an inhabited file " is studied; the Cook - Dzhar .

- According to the confirmed General layout of a city of Bishkek for the purpose of housing construction development the project of a detailed lay-out of southern areas is developed, - tells Danijar Shabdanov. - There, in territory 6 new microdistricts with the population more than 148 thousand persons are planned to place of 750 hectares. Now work with potential investors on building of the given territory is already conducted.

by the way

In 2006 it has been constructed and placed in operation 863 inhabited individual houses by a total area of 100 thousand in sq. m. For the first time for last 15 years there is begun building and the municipal habitation - 6400 sq. m. is placed in operation Apartments in municipal buildings were received by workers of budgetary sphere - teachers, librarians, yard keepers, drivers of garbage trucks, etc.