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And to a lion, and obezjanke it is melancholy in a zoo...

menageries of pleasure do not bring Razezdnye?

on January, 3rd. Morning though also clear, but frosty. The wild animals who have arrived to us from Armenia in an ambulatory menagerie, uhozhenny also are quite well-fad. Only to look on all of them it is equally sad. Locked in mahonkih sections, beasts and birds it is sad look at visitors through thick rods of a lattice...

iron carriages with a Far East leopard Lyre and lynx of Muri stand in a shade. Predators, having curled up, sleep in a corner. On the people photographing and removing on the chamber - an attention zero. It and is clear. It is very cold. At some kletushek heaters are established. But a leah is a lot of from them I pound? And the piece of iron giving a few of heat, neujut ragged animal " does not brighten up; apartments .

the Six-month-old cub of a red wolf of Gerd rushes about in close apartments . Runs up, jumps on a lattice, again comes back in a distant part of a cage. And so incessantly throughout a half an hour. After a while Gerd at last has stopped and, having pushed a nose between rods, has melancholy begun to whimper. From such sounds most it wanted to howl

Well and here four cages with brown bears. Enormous animals are tired out in a close premise. The uneasiest Bear scrapes claws a wall and beats a paw in a ceiling. In another korobchonke to the shaggy giant even to rise in all giant growth it is impossible. Having turned a back to spectators, it motionlessly lies on a floor, having closed a muzzle a paw. A sad show.

the black graceful panther of Bagira presses close in the right corner of a cage. The sun only - only began to make the way here. Having languished from the direct sun rays, the healthy brawny cat has started to wash.

in one of cages there lives an amusing African young lion of Umka, in another, probably, his father - the powerful and stately tsar of beasts on a nickname of Rady. Picture as if from Disney`s full-length cartoon film the Big travel in which lion the Samson quite happy with the life in nju - jorkskom a zoo, learns to mind - to reason of son Rajana dreaming of freedom Only here all absolutely to the contrary. Umka born in bondage plays the fool in a cage, plays with employees of a menagerie, as the big clumsy kitten. And Rady is obvious something is dissatisfied. Some time he impatiently walked up and down on a cage, then, having stopped at lattice rods, has roared so that sawdust has scattered every which way. Uh! From such frightening roar as the lemur of Morris in " spoke; Madagascar appear pupyryshnye murashki .

Having had heard plenty of a roar and groans, I left a zoo in the stifled mood. No, I do not understand such nomadic menageries. An animal and so in bondage it is unsweetened. And here still it is necessary to transfer constant moving to a concentration camp on wheels without free vygula Speak, ambulatory zoos are forbidden in the countries of Europe. They do not call any emotions normal people, except pity and compassion.