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Houses in Kochkorsky area stand. But to live in them already it is impossible

Correspondents the eyes have seen earthquake consequences

Minister CHS promises: the help from the state will be

So has developed that any tragedy always involves the whole chain of hearings, versions and the points of view. Did not become an exception and the earthquake which has woken on the night of December, 26th hardly probable not the half-countries.

to present to the public a situation such what it is, the Ministry of Emergency Measures has organised for journalists a trip to Kochkorsky area - earthquake epicentre, that is why the most region which has suffered from it.

together with representatives of the press on road Bishkek - Naryn (namely about Naryn the village Kochkorka also settles down) the chain tjazhelogruznyh cars was pulled: the Ministry of Emergency Measures has directed building materials and foodstuff to a zone of affliction. Gumanitarku before departure from capital the minister of emergency situations of Zhanysh Rustenbekov saw off:

- The Local staff of the Ministry of Emergency Measures has informed that the most necessary there now - glass, DSP, slate, tents, therefore while we have sent it. And the second working commission which will conduct detailed research of consequences and then the state will allocate the certain sum for restoration of the destroyed houses will soon take place. While we manage material means of our ministry.

the information on absence of the human victims, long exposed to all doubts, the minister has confirmed that all inhabitants of villages had time to jump out on street:

- Tremors lasted 10 - 12 minutes, gradually accruing, so people had time to escape.

on set by the correspondent a question why only in a day a press - the service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures has extended the information on six with superfluous thousand suffered houses, and before assured that no destructions are present, Rustenbekov has declared:

- I do not know, who could inform you that there there are no destructions. Representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Measures already in 4 o`clock in the morning were on December, 26th on a place, and personally I owned the information already by 9 o`clock. I can even concretise to you: the most suffered is the rural justice of Isakeeva.

the People have independently counted up losses

the Humanitarian column have arrived to the suffered area already zatemno. Therefore possibility to visit dilapidated villages has been given us next morning. The first object - strongly cracked apartment house in village the Bolshevik - has appeared really a show which is not calling optimism.

- and so 95 percent of our houses look, - the inhabitant of village Alymbek Bajzakov exclaimed. - see: here it is impossible to live more!

however as it was found out a bit later, nobody lives in this concrete house some years. For what purpose to journalists showed the thrown building, giving out for the destroyed family centre, it is not known

However and inhabited, true, houses in this village have appeared not in the best status. Where in bolshej where to a lesser degree for us waited showered plaster, cracks in the thickness in pair centimetres and which - where and the lop-sided roof.

what to live in such houses, to put it mildly, difficult is, of course, the fact. However, to our pleasure, hearings about the buildings destroyed to ruins have not justified. But at fear, as they say, eyes are great: peasants unanimously assure that their dwellings are completely destroyed and tear us to parts literally, demanding to look only one more house - ours! . To explain their behaviour it is simple: Urged to spend the night in become produvnymi houses, people wait for the help from the state, and to show the position to a press for them - the unique chance strengthening hope, assigned to the president, the government and first of all on the deputy in Zhogorku Keneshe - Rahatbeka Irsalieva.

- We are in the street, therefore it is necessary, that each house has been examined, instead of is selective, as it is done by you - without having understood that we - the press, instead of the commission estimating losses, has tried was to drive on us the peasant but when to it have explained who before it, has replaced tone. - let on each house will draw up the statement about losses, and the government to us will compensate them, will grant any interest-free loan.

and here news that to them there have arrived building materials, the majority of peasants has conceived sceptically:

- We and to ourselves will restore houses, money is simply necessary to us.

- in how much estimate the incurred losses?

- Approximately, at present market prices, the damage caused to each house, makes 100 thousand catfishes, and which - where and 200 - 300 thousand. It on vskidku. Let the commission itself will count up, that all was exact and on - fair, - one of inhabitants of village has declared.

as it seemed to us, the people on a broader scale have shown activity during the difficult moment - have by own strength created a staff, have appointed the commission, experts and even the prime minister - minister Kulova and the speaker of parliament Sultanova has already written the letter addressed to president Bakieva. A subject of the message the same: the people wait for the help from the state.

In an integrity and safety there were only few brick houses.

the psychologist Will help only?

Though visible human victims also are not present, the help of doctors, seemingly, is required many enough. According to peasants, children, old men and women have got very strong psychological traumas.

- to us it was necessary to get out on all fours in one underwear of houses in dark night, - remembers Anara Ibraeva.

- Many simply refuse to come into the houses, - the teacher of local school Gulbara Moldogazieva tells and, it having appeared not to restrain in forces, cries. - we after all all have felt the present shock! Washing 89 - summer mother is afraid to spend the night indoors, children slept two nights in cars which all at whom they are, deduced from garages specially for this purpose. In our houses very cold because there are through cracks. My house on which we with the husband worked 30 years, built in 2000, now it is necessary to build up anew.

it is valid, as the head of district administration Dzhumakadyr uulu has told Erkinbek, even the newest houses constructed taking into account requirements of seismologists, having armature, the cement base and bearing beams, too could not resist elements:

- They too samannye, our village has no place to take the present brick

It is not known what miracle the tank with potable water has escaped: on a hill under which there is a water fence the Three-copecks piece - Bulak, - a landslip. The descended layer of the earth of 100 metres shows impressive enough show, and go down it on some metres, the system of bactericidal water treating would be hurt, peasants speak, and they are supported by employees of local representation of the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

and if not to take necessary measures also much less considerable earthquake can appear for region fatal

By the way

the Most terrible still ahead?

Forecasts of seismologists guard

As to us have informed at Institute of seismology of NAN KR, now Kyrgyzstan, as well as all seismic belt to which it belongs, is in the end of a cycle of the seismic activity which has begun in 2003. In 2008 - 2010 it will go on recession. But especially it is not necessary to relax: in 2011 new, even more powerful period will begin. And then will start to shake at once in several points of the country. Zone of risk 1, according to seismologists, - the republic south, border of Kyrgyzstan with China and Tajikistan. Here the maximum force of pushes can reach 7 - 8 points. Talassko - the Fergana break and territory round the Toktogulsky water basin - the second zone calling fear. And, at last, Issyk - the Kulsky valley, the Keminsky hollow and Boomsky gorge shortly too can shudder, and in department of forecasting of earthquakes of Institute of seismology concerning this region speak about 6 - 7 points.

however, it is not necessary to forget, as till the end of the current period still remains almost three years during which earthquakes can occur in the same above-named regions.