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GIBBD urges drivers of Ekaterinburga:Fradkova not to cut!

tomorrow and the day after tomorrow on streets of Ekaterinburg the Chairman of the government of Russia is better not to be put out at all

will arrive to us already tomorrow. To its arrival to capital of Ural Mountains of last holes not to patch.

- we will repair roads until snow will drop out, - has assured us the deputy chief of department of an accomplishment of Valentine Kozlova.

In UBG say that the construction of roads will be under any weather conditions, at any honoured guests. It means, stoppers will be a nightmare of motorists still approximately for about a month. But especially hard will pass a weekend when on a city trains vip - the visitors who have arrived on an exhibition " will move; the Highway - 2005 . However, GAI officers of an exact route do not speak. Just as at Vinokura: sjupriz will be.

In the street 8 Martha have removed a mill a road covering, but packing new yet have not begun, and movement on proezzhej parts is not blocked yet, but in the street Moscow movement will open not soon.

- works here even weeks on two, - are told by builders.

while movement along the street Moscow is blocked in one party from Radishcheva to Malysheva, and the detour on the next street Shejnkmana, seemingly, will exist still for a long time.

one more road long-term construction - the bridge through an Inet about circus. The updated bilaterial street of Kuibyshev has opened from the Shartashsky market to Lunacharsky, but and did not become a through transport highway as it has been conceived. It is waited still by expansion around the bridge. Instead of former 15 metres the width of the bridge will make 21. By the way, on updated Kuibyshev are going to start up a bus route. And tramvajshchiki on the quiet have already repaired rails on all street. At last - that packing of a road covering in the street Cheljuskintsev from January, 9th to Moscow has begun. Repairmen, as well as promised, block on one lane so to go round building it is not necessary. The Warranty period of safety of the repaired road covering makes two years.


All from the regional budget for repair and a construction of roads in a city it has been allocated more than 500 million roubles. The financing volume exceeds last year`s indicators approximately twice.


Namely from September, 7 till September, 9th, during exhibition carrying out the Highway - 2005 in Tagile when capital of Ural Mountains in transit will visit some VIP - persons, and the most important thing - the prime minister of the Russian government Michael Fradkov and the minister of transport Igor Levitin.

Therefore the traffic police was converted to drivers with the request to be attentive on roads, to give advantage to columns and transport with spetssignalami, to park so that it did not disturb to journey.

movement of escorts will create pressure on highways both on and without that loaded of - for detours city streets. The prevention first of all concerns lines Ekaterinburg - Nizhni Tagil. But also to all will not prevent.