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The elements come from the south

In Batkensky area there was a strong earthquake

As well as local seismologists assumed, Kyrgyzstan continues to shake, and force of tremors more and more amplifies each time. This time on January, 8th approximately in 23. 30 earthquake has occurred in the south of republic.

in epicentre near village Katran of the Lejleksky area located at kyrgyzsko - the Tadjik border which are passing on the Turkestani ridge, force of pushes, according to employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, made 6 points, magnitude of fluctuations - 7 - 8 under the Richter scale.

about the same forces earthquake was felt and in large settlements of region: in the cities of Suljukte (60 km from epicentre) and Batkene (90 km) was marked 5 - 6 points, in Oshe (260 km) - 4 - 5. Tremors have felt also some bishkekchane. As they said, has shaken slightly, but it is notable.

under the information received in the Ministry of Emergency Measures, in Batkensky area the order and. An island The minister of emergency situations of Zhanysha Rustembekova the emergency situation mode though, on available while to the data, human victims and serious destructions there are not present is entered.

However at the Batkensky regional state administration the commission which led by the governor Sultan Ajzhigitovym even in the morning on January, 9th has gone on villages of Lejleksky area for the purpose of revealing of the sizes of the damage caused by elements is already created. And on January, 10th there plans to leave and itself and. An island of the minister.

we managed to contact inhabitant Batkena Orozaly Ajdievym, the employee of local post office who has shared with us the impressions:

- Before earthquake I have heard any strong rumble reminding noise of water. In some seconds tremors - very strong have begun. They proceeded approximately for about a minute. Then, within next three minutes, there was any calm then earthquake has repeated, but any more with such force.

As to victims and destructions, that, according to our respondent, neither it, nor its colleagues saw nothing:

- We since the morning, certainly, began to ask each other, a leah is victims, but, thank God, about it while nobody heard.

we also have phoned with Akzholom Madalievym to the assistant to the governor of Batkensky area:

- We wait for results of work of the commission estimating degree of damages inhabited and office buildings. It has begun the work in the morning, in its structure, besides the governor of the region, experts of regional and regional branches of the Ministry of Emergency Measures enter, - he has informed. - personally I saw cracks in houses but how much I can judge, they are not so serious, large destructions and the more so are not present victims - at least in Batkene. Probably, has rescued that the majority of our houses have a strong skeleton. Probably, therefore batkentsy also have not panicked, have conceived an event rather easy. And here in Suljukte as to me have informed, 3 schools, but, thank God, have suffered they are not destroyed, only in walls there were cracks. All of us very much worried about a colliery status in Suljukte, but also there too all has managed.

by the way

In Batkene auknulos, on Alaska has responded

in the Same evening notable earthquakes have occurred and in other points of a planet: Uzbekistan, Turkey, Iran, Portugal and even on Alaska. To hope for a mere coincidence, perhaps, it is not necessary - all these territories belong to Sredizemno - to the Trans-Asiatic seismic belt which as already repeatedly marked in department of forecasting of Institute of seismology of NAN KR, now is in an activity stage before which end it is for the present far.