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The deputy have detained at the airport with $100 000

Temir Sariev asserts that it pursue on political grounds

Incident has occurred in the night from 8 for January, 9th at the airport Manas . The deputy of ZHK Temir Sariev was going to fly to Istanbul to hold there very important political meeting with the person from Europe (his name nardep and has not opened).

- Check in I passed in a hall for deputies, - have told Temir Sariev on urgently collected in parliament a press - conferences. - all this time round me any people went and about something were whispered. After check in procedure employees SNB have approached to me and have asked, how much money I with myself carry. I with irony have responded that 100 thousand dollars. But actually I carried all 10 thousand. Security officers, without thinking twice, have drawn up the statement about examination. A pier, the deputy carries the large sum of money which it has not declared.

but Sariev has flatly refused to sign the certificate. As, despite its protests in the document the sum of 100 thousand dollars has been specified. Money has not withdrawn from the deputy - it is not necessary under the Constitution. But from flight nevertheless have removed.

according to the member of parliament, it has suffered from - for the excessive political activity. Temir Sariev asserts that behind it shadowing and all its phones is established are listened. As to incident at the airport, the member of parliament assures that under the law money resources to 10 thousand dollars of the declaration are not subject. And on a broader scale, he will not remember any case when somebody from its colleagues on Zhogorku Keneshu would declare money. Though many of them fly abroad with rather large sums, for example, for acquisition of expensive cars. Sariev has explained an origin of the 10 thousand dollars to journalists rather simply.

- in such trips I usually take with myself 200 - 300 dollars and a credit card. To pay off with it it is much more convenient, rather than nalichkoj, - tells Temir Sariev. - And these of 10 thousand dollars of my brother which is engaged in business. On them it was necessary to buy some components for cheese manufacture.

now Temir Sariev intends to be converted into the State Office of Public Prosecutor. In its opinion, employees SNB have broken a number of laws and should incur for this merited punishment. Even, in spite of the fact that, according to Sarieva, head of department SNB has already made to it the personal apologies.