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In Bishkek will try to reanimate legendary “ Algu “?

the New soccer team does not exclude such variant of the name

Well-known Frunze “ Alga “ with 60 - h years was a leader kyrgyzstanskogo football. Same as we will tell, at neighbours - Kazakhs - “ Kajrat “ at Uzbeks - “ Pahtakor “ at Tadjiks - “ Pamir “. However after Union disintegration in the command renaming processes have begun - at first it began to be called “ Alga “ - RIIF, then - “ Alga “ - air defence, further - SKA - air defence, SKA - Shoro, and last year also has at all died in boze. And here in a lobby have started talking that a legend by name “ Alga “ probably, will rise. As it was found out, so the new club created from football players former army SKA - air defence is going to be called. “ Has learnt that as the adviser the deputy appears in for the present anonymous command capital Kenesha Oleg Popikov. Oleg Vladimirovich has agreed to comment to us on one of the hearings soaring of club which have around hardly started interseasonal trainings.

- However, that among variants of the name of the future club - “ Alga “? That is, you want to revive a legendary brand?

- Such variant of the name at us really is. But I do not think that we as a result on it will stop. Now we have 3 most viable names, but is concrete with this question we will be defined in the spring. Besides, much, naturally, will depend on wishes of our sponsors.

anyway, from the point of view priemstvennosti to be “ Algoj “ the new command has all îñí0îâàíèÿ. Besides, as the brand is a word anybody in our republic never patented. Well unless the oldest fans and alginskie veterans can povozmushchatsja …

Nevertheless even without claims on “ Algu “ the new club is included loudly enough into domestic football. In the nearest “ to the fatty “ read a material “ In Bishkek on money of businessmen from the United Arab Emirates the football club " is created; …