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There is a hunting for oppositionists, there is a hunting

For last week a number of members of parliament has undergone to mass attack of provocations and arrivals

the Hot spring 2007 - go is cancelled?

2007 as in the country political life again has roughly begun to boil has not had time to begin new. Though, by the settled tradition, the greatest political activity in republic reigns in the spring and in the autumn. And here during the winter and summer period at us usually there comes a political calm. However the situation when all in the country turns over upside down, became presently ordinary business.

as it is known, during last year`s November meetings the opposition has managed to achieve considerable victory, having accepted the new Constitution in which the essential part of powers of the president has departed to parliament and the government. However only the naive could assume that on it political fights in the country will cease. All for a long time already it became clear that the head of the state simply so will not leave the powers. But those hot November days of the power, being afraid of national stirrings, to voice the discontent did not become. And here after mitingovye passions have settled, laborious work on restoration of the lost boundaries has begun.

in - the first, time has been very correctly chosen. When in the country accepted the next newest Constitution on which to the president all powers taken away in November have again returned practically, on a court yard there was a deep winter. The opposition has been deprived possibility to hold in frosts scale meetings. However the course oppositionists intended to make spring of this year. Many domestic political scientists and analysts predicted hot spring 2007 - go in which, probably, there will be a next revolution. In - the second, before spring the power has already started to undertake measures to loosen positions of oppositionists. Probably, according to political scientists, someone from them have bribed, to somebody have promised a portfolio of the minister in the government, to someone have promised to help to pass in new parliament . But pressure upon oppositionists became the main method. And if at the old power methods of pressing far-outers though as - that was veiled, now it is possible to name these methods precisely the present punishment.

attack to opposition

the Person similar to Kabaja Karabekova, in an elite sauna Bajtur .

Akkurat on New Year`s Eve in one of little-known kyrgyzstanskih the Internet - sites (many believe that in this site periodically merge the information of special service of the country) there were juicy photos of the person similar to deputy Zhogorku Kenesha Kabaja Karabekova, the active participant of oppositional movement For reforms . On the image it is visible that the person has a rest in one of elite saunas of Bishkek in the company, we will tell so, girls - masseurs. A leah was really this person Kabaj Karabekov, only professional examination, but the fact can establish that the deputy wanted to compromise in the opinion of the public, remains the fact.

Omurbek Tekebaev asserts that the power tries to compromise it by means of false letters.

After even some time for the same site there is the scanned letter ostensibly written by a hand of most ardent until recently of oppositionist Omurbeka Tekebaeva. In the letter the applicant asks at eks - president Askara Akaeva the large sum of money (about $10 million) On carrying out of November meetings. Tekebaev has denied the information, having declared that it is primitive provocation of the authorities, which and have thrown the false letter.

- if it is a question of such sums such negotiations should pass where - nibud in far Switzerland, and in language of semihints, instead of and so in the form of open correspondence, - has declared Omurbek Tekebaev. - With the same success it is possible to prepare the letter of Kurmanbeka Bakieva addressed to Boris Berezovsky on the questions connected with Dzheruem .

After currency scandal Temir Sariev abides in bad mood.

One more incident has occurred with nardepom Temirom Sarievym whom employees SNB have removed from flight Bishkek - Istanbul, having accused of transportation nezakdeklarirovannyh 100 thousand dollars. Itself nardep the information of special services has denied, having declared that at it was only 10 thousand dollars which declarations under the law are not subject. Nevertheless the State Office of Public Prosecutor has brought on the member of parliament criminal case under article Contraband .

Isa Omurkulov is assured that the son pursue from - for political activity of the deputy.

Soon the son of other oppositional deputy Isy Omurkulova has been detained by employees of Central administrative board on struggle against the organised crime. On hearings, it make participation in one of capital OPG.

- Now on deputies there is a present hunting, - so has commented on a situation the chairman of Bishkek city Kenesha Nurzhamal Bajbolova. - And it only the beginning.

in opposition there were new leaders?

the First results of attack of the power on opposition it is available. Many oppositionists have sharply given in. So, during acceptance of the newest Constitution on December, 30th last year leaders of movement For reforms Omurbek Tekebaev and Temir Sariev, to surprise of many, at all have not expressed publicly the disagreement (it Azimbek Beknazarov and Muratbek Mukashev have made only). Other oppositionist, Omurbek Babanov, hastily gets rid of the business in Kyrgyzstan. There was an information that after NK the Alliance he has sold the actions of broadcasting company NTS. And the voice of the young oppositionist does not sound any more with former (November) optimism and vivacity.

During an autumn meeting of correspondents (Moscow and local) with other deputy, Melisom Eshimkanovym, sharply was evident that the oppositionist looked tired and devastated.

- I do not know that all of us expects in the future, - has given up as a bad job nardep. - I Feel that it will be fast to me all the same.

has not passed also month as Melis Eshimkanov has declared that intend to sell the oppositional newspaper Agym and to leave for uncertain time in far Nepal. In December constitutional fights one of key figures of opposition has not accepted participation.

say that in opposition there was a split. Say, many opponents of the power remained are extremely dissatisfied with passive behaviour of Tekebaeva and Sarieva during acceptance of the newest Constitution and consequently have decided to replace the leaders. Even names of Azimbeka Beknazarova and Muratbeka Mukasheva were called. Both deputies have adjoined oppositional movement rather recently. Beknazarov - after has lost an armchair of the public prosecutor (before it in every possible way supported a course of the new power), and Mukashev and at all only during November meetings when it was visible that the bowl of scales tends to reformers. Anyway, it became clear that change of leaders will not do good to opposition. Mukashev does not possess that political experience which is at Tekebaeva. And Beknazarov - on a broader scale a figure rather inconsistent. It is rumored that in the stay by public prosecutor Beknazarov has closed not one criminal case of the former high-ranking officials, businessmen and representatives of the criminal world. Certainly, not for usual thanks . According to many political scientists, the opposition has lost many supporters after its numbers has joined eks - the public prosecutor.

anyway, for today the power has practically managed to secure itself against spring fights. However, ahead still February, also it is not known what reciprocal course oppositionists will make. To foretell turns of our unpredictable policy - business rather ungrateful.