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To expect Gergiev`s arrival to Kyrgyzstan it it is naive?

the art director of a philharmonic society considers so

true judges of high art to fast arrival to Bishkek world famous conductor, art director of the Maryinsky Theater Valery Gergiev, promised one of these days the soloist of capital Opera and ballet theatre Talgarom Zhakshylykovym, as in edition " had not time to be glad; the call which has destroyed all hopes of music fans was distributed:

- I strongly doubt that Valery Abisalovich will arrive here under the oral arrangement with somebody, - has declared Bolotbek Osmonov, the art director of the Kirghiz state philharmonic society of T.Satylganova. - I was engaged in the organisation here Valery Gergiev`s two performances. For this purpose I had to go personally to it to St.-Petersburg with the letter - the invitation from president Askara Akaeva. There too there were - to meet complexities Valery Abisalovichem start up not everyone, behind it the huge retinue there goes. Understand, to bring here such person as Gergiev, in tens times is more difficult, than Alla Pugachevu or, there, Kirkorov: at Gergiev all tours are painted, it and in the Mariinsky theatre happens all couple of months in a year, the rest of the time spending abroad!

- that is in its autumn in Bishkek it is possible not to wait?

- That it has arrived in the autumn, to it it was necessary to go to agree still yesterday! And then: we will admit, Zhakshylykov with it has agreed. But then where Gergiev`s guarantee, what it will arrive, that we could be prepared? Who will pay its residing and plane parking here?

were found out and more which - what nuances: the friendship of maestro Gergiev with late Bulatom Minzhilkievym, appears, yet is not pledge of arrival of the conductor for evening of its memory:

- On the first festival of memory Bulata Minzhilkieva organised under my initiative in 2000, Valery Abisalovich could not arrive, though has sent here the best soloists with an opera Don Carlos .

But that Gergiev has visited at us, moreover and twice, in the next republics have conceived with some envy: according to Bolotbeka Osmonova, in Alma - Ate, having learnt about it, to it directly and have declared: you had Gergiev? Yes it simply fantasy!