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To the Bishkek fans of a fantasy a blockbuster the Wolfhound it was not pleasant

Fans of role-playing games consider that cinema-men have made of the protagonist next Terminatora

the Film the Wolfhound removed under the well-known novel - Ekaterina Semenovoj`s fantasy, - one of the most long-awaited premieres of last years. Five books which the writer has devoted to the hero, in territory of the CIS became for a long time classics at fans of the invented worlds. In a wide release in territory of republic the picture did not leave yet, but piracy versions in Bishkek have already appeared on DVD - disks. Many had time to download a film and from the Internet.

about the first impression of a film which budget more than was required on creation of both parts Patrols we have asked representatives of role-playing games who quite often use plots of the well-known novels for the tournaments and fights.

- me the film unequivocally was not pleasant! - The representative of the Free group well-known in narrow circles Paul Guzej has straight off declared to us. - Many facts have simply muddled, many, worthy, - simply have not included in a plot. The protagonist - the Wolfhound - at cinema have made completely not such, as in the book. In the book he is not afraid to die, even, it is possible to tell, searches for death as the debt, revenge for family murder, it has already executed. Thus it not so cruel butcher in fight as him have taught that the main force - the Love, and phantoms killed then come for the third day at night. And in a film to us show the Wolfhound any Terminatorom who destroys enemies to the right and on the left. But Semenova wrote that it kills only as a last resort, preferring to put attacking insignificant mutilations. In Russia the film left on the wide screen on December, 26th. In Bishkek the first piracy copies have appeared already on January, 6th.

- on our Internet the copy which removed goes, it is visible, whence - that sideways, quality awful. But it is possible to look, - Paul has confirmed to us. - we with children who also read the book and have watched a film, called up already. All divide my opinion. The picture unequivocally is not has gone right.

- well and actors with the roles have consulted?

- Knesinki Oksana Akinshina Very approaches to a role. There is no negative. And the actor who has played the Wolfhound, I consider, absolutely to the hero of the book it is not similar

- In thy opinion, means, producers were wrong, without having allowed most to write to Ekaterina Semenovoj the scenario?

- I do not know. But precisely I know that at them no budget would suffice to remove everything that is in the book. The book it is simple product of the master.