Rus News Journal

Rossel has reported to Churikovoj

Stars Lenkoma Yankovsky, Zbruev and Churikova have visited governor`s residence.

Edward Rossel has met the well-known actors at midday. We will remind, stars have arrived with the performance Tout paye, or All is paid . For the sake of a meeting with the governor they had to rise early. Stars did not complain and behaved affably.

first of all to actors have arranged excursion on residence, have shown pictures of local artists. Then there was an official meeting with Rossel.

- the unaided sight visible, as the area is updated: temples are restored, and people go on performances, - Oleg Yankovsky has noticed.

the governor in the answer has read to visitors mini - lecture about economic successes of area. Stars reacted adequately, smiled and assented. Then in a chimney hall the solemn dinner has taken place. Visitors have relaxed, and conversation became more informal.

By a star dinner have relaxed.

Stars in eager rivalry asked Edward Rossel on development of local theatre. (We will remind, Inna Churikovoj Gleb Panfilov`s husband - the native from Ural Mountains, studied in UPI. So cultural life of Ekaterinburg is especially interesting to it). Actors have specified also, a leah a criminal city at us. And most of all visitors were caused anxiety, apparently, with the future of the Ural newly-married couple. The governor had to paint with might and main every possible programs of the help to young families. In general, Rossel has convinced actors that the future at our youth taki is. Towards the end of a meeting visitors have remembered so-called Governor`s tours. - will invite Lenkom on such tours - necessarily we will arrive! - they have promised. Edward Rossel has agreed. - to invite - that has invited, - organizers of tours from art - holding " speak; Engagement . - But also it is necessary to help!