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Leah will pay Russia for the child born in Kyrgyzstan?

ours Russians - in the program the Parent capital ?

Accepted - taki recently the State Duma of Russia the Law About the parent capital should make a resonance and among citizens of great power living in Kyrgyzstan.

- we submit to the Russian laws, means, for the second child where he was born, we will receive money, - approximately so many have thought kyrgyzstanskie the Russians already having on one child, and have started to plan birth of the second kid. However not all so is simple: red tape and bureaucracy - the same our misfortune as notorious fools and roads that is why, having given birth here even to 10 children, the Russian hardly can achieve something.

at least, in branch of the Moscow regional Bar Business and the right to us have informed the following:

- In the law it is accurately told: The child born in territory of the Russian Federation .

As to employees of embassy of the Russian Federation which are considered as territory of Russia, and other diplomatic employees, for them, according to the employee of the named organisation, in this plan there are no privileges.

however in consular department of embassy to us a distance it is perfect other information:

- If the child was born in Kyrgyzstan, but his parents - citizens of Russia after arrival there his mother will receive the sum due to it as the child will be considered as the citizen of the Russian Federation.

in the nearest numbers we will try to understand a situation.

interest for the sake of we have rung round also capital maternity hospitals. In everything, according to their managers and head physicians, can give birth women irrespective of citizenship, truth - for a certain payment. Here only Russians appear there rare patients, at least, since January, 1st, 2007, that is the moment, when the Law About the parent capital has come into force, in Kyrgyzstan any small Russian was not born.

it is concrete

on December, 22nd the Russian State Duma in the third, definitive, reading has passed the Law About the parent capital . We will remind that the project provides payment of 250 thousand roubles to the women who given birth or have adopted second or subsequent children since January, 1st, 2007. This money can be directed on education reception, on habitation acquisition. Thus specified sum will be annually reconsidered taking into account rates of increase of inflation.