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Plus has exchanged on a minus

On Saturday we went almost in rubber boots, on Sunday put a bet, in the evening or next morning will thaw svezhevypavshy snow, and on Monday On Monday, on January, 22nd, the winter has come to the Pskov area! Under forecasts of weather forecasters, the end of January will frighten of serious frosts. So give - ka we learn, how sharp fall of temperature and how us to avoid troubles influences health.

THAN the ICY COLD is dangerous?

1. Ice
Hardly plus changes on a minus in fracture clinics the turn ushiblennyh and broken is built.
what to do . In - the first, any heels. Frosts, snow and ice is better the continuous sole from porous poliuretana or thermoplastic rubber maintains. In - the second, umeltsy some variants " for a long time have thought up; winter rubber for footwear. To be kept standing the pieces of rural valenoks pasted on a sole, a foam rubber or adhesive plaster piece will help. Still it is possible to pour on a sole the Moment and prispat a sand. Speak, the crude potato helps - if before an input to rub with it soles.

2. Big a minus on a thermometer, moreover with a gusty wind
the Cold dog! Colds - quinsy - a flu lean with all force. It is necessary to be to careful all who has chronic illnesses.
what to do . To put on on weather, to take vitamins and prophylactics (in any drugstore will prompt). At sharp change of weather reduce physical activity, avoid psychoemotional loadings. Do not lean on meat, fat and fried food, and hot spices and alcohol on a broader scale exclude from the menu.
if have frozen in the street - be not heated at all in the street by alcohol. Becomes warmer only for short time, and then you will freeze even more, than before acceptance. And still sensitivity of a skin from - for the uses inside decreases, and danger to get frost-bitten and not to notice considerably increases. To people with chronic illnesses, probably, it is necessary to consult with the doctor about increase in a dose of medicines.

3. High atmospheric pressure
It is dangerous not only to cores, but also for those who feels absolutely normally.
what to do . People with diseases warmly - vascular system will be not not prevented by massage shejno - a humeral belt, mustard plasters on area of a nape and foot hot baths (before application necessarily consult with the doctor).

4. An oxygen lack
the Characteristic phenomenon for winter at whom feel bad vessels.
what to do . Not out of place will always carry at itself the medicines registered by the doctor, and to avoid during this period of loadings.

5. Dryness in premises
At moisture content in atmosphere is less than 40 % even at absolutely healthy people there is a drowsiness, dryness of a skin and a mucous mouth and a nose, working capacity decreases.
what to do . If there is no possibility to buy humidifier - simply watch, that on the battery the wet towel always hung. Certainly, advice is pertinent only at normal room temperature, when there is no need to protect everyone half-degree.
to help to understand, to what air in apartment, dry or quite normal, will be helped by indoor plants. Signals of low humidity - occurrence of yellow petals and the dried up buds and tsvetkov at regular watering.