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the White Chinese forces out heroin from the market

On Friday, on January, 19th, in Management of Federal Agency of control over drug trafficking of the Pskov area board session on which works of the Pskov narcopolicemen in 2006 have been summed up has taken place.
last year by drug enforcement bodies it has been withdrawn 38 killogrammov drugs, 14 channels of receipt of a potion in our area are liquidated, 7 facts of contraband of drugs from the next states are revealed. Besides, in 2006 activity of 9 criminal groups, sovershihshih in total 25 narcocrimes has been stopped. As for expired period 19 cases of legalisation of the means received as a result of criminal activity, for a total sum more than 500 thousand roubles have been revealed.
As a result of strengthening of control over legal drug trafficking Management of Federal Agency of control over drug trafficking on the Pskov area had been revealed and opened 20 crimes, and also 53 facts connected with infringement of a legal turn of narcotics are revealed.
unfortunately, last year in the narcotic market volumes of deliveries of a strong synthetic drug trimetilfentanila have increased. the White Chinese as it still name, in thousand times is stronger some heroin. Every year it forces out heroin that leads to even more sad consequences more and more. According to official figures, from - for the uses of drugs in the Pskov area in 2006 11 persons have died. The real figure is much more.
today in area is about five thousand the persons who are on drugs that makes 0,6 % of the population. It is possible to assert that the situation in region is not critical, and the main thing a scourge Our inhabitants on - former there is an alcohol. Nevertheless, in 2007 drug enforcement bodies promise to rectify errors and defects of last years and to put more efforts in narcotism counteraction.

Alexander SIDORENKO.