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Visitors properly I will feed!

- in forty years life only begins, - Elena Shishlo remembers a vital phrase from a film Moscow does not believe tears . - I do not feel age.
and why also is not present? Plays which from an easy hand of director Shishlo go at Pushkin theatre, bryzzhut energy and emotions, stir, force to argue, fall in love, worry, irrespective of, they are written century or the twentieth anniversary back. Here and Elena Shishlo - forces to argue and further - under the list. Today Elena Grigorevna celebrates the fortieth anniversary.

- as will mark? Houses a family and at theatre grandiosely?
- Only it is not grandiose! I even on the invitation write not anniversary and a friendly buffet table . Friends, colleagues, native will gather tonight at theatre - the person fifty. I hope that anybody hungry does not remain. At me such Ukrainian habit - all visitors properly to feed. I think, atmosphere will be warm and good.
- houses on a broader scale plan nothing?
- Is not present, is closer to the entrance we will note, certainly. The sister from Ukraine has arrived, a family, close friends. A circle very narrow, but correct.
- than house will treat?
- My favourite - a herring under a fur coat, I without it cannot manage. It especial, with a marinaded onion. And new salad with the Korean carrot - the carrot kilogramme, small cut ham, an onion, preliminary filled up hour on two sugar, and mayonnaise. Earlier the furnace loved, but now it is so much pies tasty on sale. And still sandwiches with sprats - truth, they with garlic, then it is impossible to kiss ( laughs ). It will be tasty.
- the most remembered birthdays?
- One of the brightest I in Shchukinsky school marked three years ago, just during diploma protection. And there it is a lot of celebrities - all who by passed, to us turned. Andrey Sokolov, Shirvindt. I worried, than to treat such eminent people. It was found out that stars eat all! Any snobbery. The most important after all not the menu, and mood in a unison. So otmechanie lasted week, and from - for it all of us could not approach to examination in speech
in any way - About speech, more correctly, speeches - and what were wished by Shirvindt?
- That in love you loved for ninety percent more than you, and in creativity - that the best performance still for a long time - long have not been put .
I Remember still, for 22 years to me have presented 22 carnations - an armful! As - that the youth theatre of the Pskov pedagogical complex has congratulated me - I open a door, and an office all in colours and flickering candles everywhere I am not offended by attention - because itself very much I love people and I love, when people to me come.

where you, Romeo and Juliette
- At you both supporters, and opponents is enough. Has rushed into the rendered habitable ancestral lands, young, ambitious. You much about yourselves hear a miscellaneous. Do not take offence?
- it seems To me, all offences - from complexes. And I am assured of myself and I understand that I on the right track.
- who or what gives to confidence?
- My actors. Their questions during rehearsals is a sign of that they in me believe.
- that now put?
- the Retro Alexander Galina. Speak, Shishlo chooses safe dramatic art - whether it is an uncertainty complex, whether the specific target to interest public. Time will judge. But one I am not tired to repeat - in theatre it is necessary to return the spectator. Including - youth. At us the generation 14 - is lost 20 years.
- Perhaps it is feature of generation? It it is simply uninteresting?
- Yes is not present. At me to the son of 17 years - he with pleasure has watched a film Island . On Pamelu Has come, then all class has resulted. Children need to be nurtured good dramatic art. Us after all too nurtured! To understand - it is pleasant - it is not pleasant, it is necessary, that someone has resulted in theatre. Well and, of course, corresponding repertoire not bad to give. We would put now Romeo and Juliette - about! There would be a notice. But at us so much youth is not present
- And the exit is?
- For example, well to renew old tradition - once a week to give a scene to area folk theatres. I do not hide that I pursue also the mercenary purposes. Very much it would be desirable, that performances of youth theatre Benefit performance And dawns here silent With favourite do not leave have taken place in Pushkin . And teenagers, students would come here, to theatre. It would be the perfect tradition. Quite real also thanks to that at us young regional administration which meets half-way offers. The main thing - here it potihonechku to revive.

who protects the copier?
- why potihonechku ? You not a supporter of cardinal changes?

- Perhaps someone expected: Shishlo has entered, and at once all has changed. Yes will not be such at once! Changes are, but slow, I fine understand it.
- yes, about changes - I how much happen in this your office, it does not change. Walls here are painted by a green paint, the broken copier all empty seat occupies
- For me it, to tell the truth, not the main thing ( laughs ). I not kompleksuju.
- That here earlier - that was?
- Oh, I do not know Me have lodged, I and remained. The copier moved here here, to a table - and such heavy bandura, - I come for the next day, and it again on a former place costs So as is, so is. Victor Vladimirovicha here only has hung up in support. ( the Newspaper about interview and a photo of the chairman of regional committee on Victor Ostrenko`s culture hangs over a desktop. - a bus )
- And a tie whence? Red such, in small drawing. By the way, is very similar that at the chief on a picture.
- I on commemorating 90 - letija Shchukinsky school have removed it from the teacher, the professor of Michael of Borisov... Excites. As the talisman hangs!
- that is you have enough this minimum for normal work?
- I cannot repair one office! I hope for repair at all theatre.

and at last...
- the Ideal gift for you?

- I am happy now - and it for me the most important thing. A trade: certainly, I have not taken place yet in it, but still ahead, and I very much love the business. Now that for the woman important: to love and be favourite. It too at me is. And as to any mum, me it is important, that children were healthy and self-sufficient. And it is. I gather in the morning in school - the son huge, the tenth-grader, and a daughter - the first-grader, swear: give faster, give that, se, and I be touched. I fine understand, whom they will be for each other then. They go to school, and I look from a window at this sentimental picture - and is happy.
- and, Elena Grigorevna, - in what a fortieth anniversary charm?
- you Grow wiser. You forgive much. I have forgiven to all and all.