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The list is ready, it is necessary to defeat only

Pskov United Russia party members more than two months completed partspiski. Prolonged disputes round nominees they named a sure sign of true democratic character of party...

till a dinner we write, after a dinner it is crossed out
In such mode there was a formidable statement of party lists of the Pskov regional branch an United Russia . On November, 30th the local political council has offered the following configuration of the first three: the governor Michael Kuznetsov, the deputy of the State Duma Alexey Sigutkin, the mayor of Pskov Michael Horonen. Month after Sigutkin has suggested to tighten a sports resource and to vote for Sigutkina - Horonena - Alenichev. For this variant hardly - has hardly lifted hands only third of members of political council.
on the eve of New year date of consideration Pskov partspiska found it difficult to name and in Moscow. The presidium gensoveta offered parties an etude in mayor tones : Alexey Sigutkin, football player Dmitry Alenichev, the deputy of regional Meeting Valentine Kalensky and mayors of two megacities - Michael Horonen and Lydia Golubeva. On January, 11th the regional political council has cleaned mayors and has strengthened a regional component deputies pos Victor Antonovym and Elena Bibikovoj. Then the governor has notified members of the same party that the candidate in this campaign it will not be.
on January, 16th by the chief of a selective staff the deputy of regional Meeting Michael Gavunas is appointed. Then the management of regional branch of party unostentatiously recommended to support generated by Gensovetom partspisok Sigutkin - Horonen - Kalensky - Golubeva - Alenichev . It is necessary as - to be consolidated, how much it is possible to enter and delete that! On January, 18th an United Russia gave in Pskov the second part marlezonskogo ballet - H regional partkonferentsii

it is better for Than against !
On an input met bear cubs : the youth cheerfully swung the Russian tags and congratulated entering with a life feast . Young change has fulfilled bright: by the time of the first smoke break (in half an hour after the conference beginning) already anybody greeted nobody. Leapfrog with the party list head Severo - the Western multi-region coordination council Andrey Nelidov has won back in preliminary speech. He has considered criticism that ER works on any pointer not constructive:
- We party of democratic sense also make decisions, arguing. We have drawn to ourselves attention of all Russia, in newspapers I read perfect fables, - and have explained a difference in terms: - Only at opponents we are called the party in power . Actually we - party of the parliamentary majority!
Andrey Vitalevich has promised that after desired victory United Russia party members will stop to perform a religious rite on special exaltations: Elections in Pskov are very indicative. If we defeat, we can not only hope from tribunes for living better, and we will really do it! this time anybody from Moscow did not call. Variants, actually, was two: for the Moscow list (Sigutkin, Horonen, Alenichev, Golubeva, Kalensky) and against and the first variant obviously is more preferable: time plays not on misters United Russia party members . Develop one more inner-party discussion concerning nominees - and party in flight
For odnomandatnikov it was possible to vote personally, but from all put forward conference has pushed nobody back. The approach to list formation on a broader scale differs a pragmatism: If the candidate is capable to bring a considerable quantity of voices let it will bring them an United Russia . To confirm a party emblem as is after drudgeries with partspiskom - an utter nonsense! So Pskov United Russia party members the majestic bear heads - a rod to which it is not slept

to the Governor of the Pskov area to Michael Kuznetsovu too this winter have found a place in a camp United Russia party members : it has held fast of the head of election campaign. above a post simply is not present! - Andrey Nelidov extolled political vacancy. the party leadership was converted to me with the request to take campaign completely under the control: honour big, but also responsibility too - the governor has characterised the new post. Michael Kuznetsov has noticed what to tell on the eve of elections only about percent - not absolutely correct approach: we not on a tote.