Rus News Journal

I do not sleep, I slowly blink!

Olga, the graduate of Free institute:
- All first-year students learn to use the computer. And I then shrived prirodoljubivuju philosophy hippizma which masked the panic fear before a computer, especially another`s. Therefore computer science in high school I delayed - from basic and ideological reasons, and the elementary offset on bases of computer literacy filled up twice. Silly to take off from the first course!
in the third time my mum even wanted me to line on vzjatkodatelstvo in the form of a chocolate, but I have counted it below the worthiness. A chocolate has eaten itself and, being on offset, has laid out frankly: say, the computer - angrily, and the Internet - especially to study this I consider as violence over my thin nature. It will be necessary - I will master during the moment! Whether I was enough convincing, whether the teacher has decided not to spoil mine a track record it has put Offset to me - truth, not without a sigh. I want to thank from the bottom of the heart the teacher of bases of computer literacy with an aristocratic surname Lermontov for the shown sincere keenness and to calm its pedagogical vanity.
the programmer I did not become (while), but buttons on the keyboard I press without a panic and quite osoznanno.

the First-year student of polytechnical institute:
- the Girl from my course learnt nothing, has come on offset semiundressed, villages before the young teacher and has declared:
- I for the sake of offset am ready ABSOLUTELY on all.
- it is absolute? - The teacher has asked again.
- on all!
- then has risen and has left from here to learn tickets!!!

Nikolay Sergeevich, pskovich, the graduate I LIE:
- After three sleepless nights gryzenija a science granite has gone to a way by a trolley bus. At first I sat. Has closed eyes, has opened - Okhta, has driven by! Left, has waited, while transport will be developed on a ring, villages again. Has closed eyes, has opened - Harbour, again by. Villages, has closed eyes, I open - Okhta. Well, I think, to sit any more I will not be. Has caught a hand-rail, it was forgot - Harbour. And has gone further: Okhta - Harbour, Okhta - Harbour... Has then spat, left a trolley bus and has on foot reached.

Sergey Verteshev, the rector of the Pskov polytechnical institute, the graduate of the Leningrad polytechnical institute (nowadays - the Pskov polytechnical institute):
- Student`s years accustom to sleep long. After a long sleeplessness at sessions it is very good to sleep off!
there is very good history how the student could not pass examination. Has filled up all repeating an examination, have called the commission, last chance. The student buys the ticket - and does not know any question. It is possible to pull one more, but the estimation will be on a point more low. The student does not know also the second ticket too. Pulls the third (it already on troechku at the most good answer) - too a zero the Student with a sigh puts the ticket for a table and obrechenno faces the commission. The professor maintains a pause and speaks: Well, what, colleagues? We put a three? Young teachers start to be indignant, and the old professor explains: But he searched for something? Means, he knows something
And it not an empty parable. It very well illustrates a difference between old and young teachers. Young always behave very rigidly and exactingly in relation to students. Teachers are more senior get everyday and expertise and start to concern the pupils with the big understanding.
to us has especially carried - we mark day of high school on January, 23rd, to us 3 years were executed. But though age small, history at us old. In 2010 we will mark the engineering education fiftieth anniversary on Pskovshchine. Very much we want to get the status of university and we consider that it is quite real! I congratulate all on Tatjaninym in the afternoon - students celebrate now the feast officially, and it is healthy. All good luck!

Igor Maksimov, vitse - the governor, the graduate of the Leningrad agricultural institute:
- I do not remember, in what occasion we drank champagne. Perhaps it even was Tatjanin day. And from appetizer on a table there was only a 3-litre jar of pickles! Even bread a piece Till now before eyes costs.

Victor Ostrenko, the chairman of regional committee on culture, has finished branch of sociology of the Pskov Free institute:
- I different bajki heard about freebie catching in a window leaf, but we were not engaged in such nonsenses. In Volnike there was a tradition. The main sign was poteret a bald head of Sibeliusu on good luck. This head always drew to itself attention, students went it to iron I directly has not been involved in this ritual process, therefore I do not know, a leah it was necessary to sentence something thus. I counted basically on own forces. In general, for Sibeliusa hope, and itself not ploshaj!

Tatyana Bodrov, the vice-president of regional branch of Children`s fund, the owner of two red and one almost red diplomas:
- I studied in culture college on branch of direction and skill of the actor. Well, we have decided to arrange at date of the student kapustnik. A subject - circus. Weight of numbers napridumyvali. And I with the idea have acted. At me the cat was Siamese. Mum at whom with humour that`s OK, named its Tankoj. And so, Tanka adored to sit on shoulders. And still it at us was trained - loudly mewed on the command Tanka, a voice! . I have thought up number - I will appear on a scene from - for the central side scenes in a turban, a robe, with a cat on shoulders, and I order to it: Tanja, we will greet students! and it solemnly vjakaet. The idea was pleasant to all.
there has come day iks. My exit. We with Tankoj get out from - for a curtain, we get to a circle of dazzling light, ahead - blackness of a hall and I feel, how claws are tightly stuck into me.
- Tanja, a voice!
the cat has grown dumb with fear.
- Tanja, a voice!
Molchok. Wool on end, claws in me. Our intense duet has made impression - students in a hall start to neigh. Someone from - for side scenes dares to prompt:
- Mjau! Mjau!
Having heard whence - that of darkness an extraneous cat, Tanka absolutely goes mad, a stone falls from my shoulders and is carried away away. For memory of evening I still had traces from Tankinyh of claws and indelible impressions about the failure.