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Drivers without children`s armchairs employees of traffic police have started to fine

the Six pskovichej have fined that they transport children without autoarmchairs. The penalty to everyone - hundred roubles. Really all other fathers of juvenile children such conscious, what in a trice equipped cars with armchairs?
- certainly, actually drivers who do not observe the new law, much more, - has explained the inspector of department on propagation of traffic police of the Department of Internal Affairs of a city of Pskov Olga Rostovsky. - however in many cases we are limited to the prevention. We fine for obvious infringements - for example if the small child is set ahead. More often drivers parry in reply to our remarks: Armchairs are not present on sale!
has checked up - in armchair shops is. However, cheap, on two with small thousand, quickly buy up. But on four - five thousand - take I do not want.


How to go with the child in a taxi?

Answers questions of parents
1. the Taxi driver has told that takes me with the child only under my responsibility - if that, the penalty I will pay. It is lawful?
- for infringement of rules of transportation of passengers the driver will respond, - Olga Rostovsky speaks. - after all it it took such passengers. And there is no difference, a leah earns additionally the person to itself on a pocket or works the driver in a commercial taxi pool. Each company of a taxi should ask the client at a telephone call - one it will go or will carry with itself the small child.
2. at me three children, two I am obliged to carry in autoarmchairs. To put an armchair on a forward seat like it would be impossible, and if both baskets to place back they take a lot of place - one of members of our family is not located in salon. Besides back seats of my car are not equipped by seat belts for fixing of children`s armchairs. How to be in this situation?
- In this case it is necessary to convert a motor vehicle - to establish on a back seat belts.
3. I do not have car, but often it is necessary to go with the child by a fixed-route taxi. A leah it is necessary for me to buy a special armchair?
- the restrictions connected with transportations of passengers, concern only cars. And fixed-route taxis are for quite some time now equated to public transport, on a level with buses and trams. Therefore to buy an armchair to you it is not necessary.

Dear readers! If you had difficulties with purchase of an autoarmchair or there are questions to car inspectors on a concrete situation, call by the author of a material to phone (8112 16 - 21 - 44 or leave responses to a site pskov.