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Alexander Baluev will play the Ural oligarch?

not without reason the cine factory director Izvolsky so is similar to present director NTMK Sergey Nosova

At the heart of the serial scenario - the real events described in the book - investigation of known journalist Julia Latyninoj. The history occurred on one of large Russian metal works in Cherepovets - Severstal . A film removed on our Nizhne - Tagilsky metallurgical industrial complex: in martin, domain, konvertornom shops. All mass meeting are workers of industrial complex. Except factory shops in a film our Ural places are learnt: CHusovaja, Tavatuj.

Fight with OMON have included for a labour shift...

Remember a storm scene zavodoupravlenija? Markirovshchitsu fasonno - foundry shop to Valentine Zheltikovu have forced to fight with native nizhnetagilskim OMON. So much years have worked at factory and did not know - did not think that it is necessary to it to storm the Palace culture NTMK.

- Distances on shops the telephone message. Shootings begin, - remembers Valentine`s film debut. - that for shootings - to us have not explained.

have built before us our children - OMON fighters. Also have asked: attack them! Have still asked to be serious, not to laugh. Fight all - taki. I in the forefront have appeared. Directly before omonovskimi boards. Persons at militiamen the serious. Them, it is visible, too have asked not to smile. And on me the crowd behind presses. The cap has aslant moved down. But has done without mutilations.

the scene with approach acted in film in some doubles. Five hours. In breaks actors from both parties of barricades joked with each other. But on shootings proletarians again and again with severe persons went on OMON fighters. Well saw on the TV: what there jokes. In general, actors the presents. By the way, went hearings (among those workers who has not got to cinema) that for shooting to actors of mass meeting have paid on 50 roubles.

- is not present. Money for mass meeting did not give, - tells Valentine. - have told, money only in the event that something you tell in a shot in the foreground. Simply put have included as a labour shift.

... For meeting have paid

At Victor Fesika a role in this film more largely: he played the representative of a city administration. Dense, thickset, the electromechanic on a type quite approached under the official of city administration.

- near industrial complex to me have approached from a film crew, - Victor remembers. - have told that I picturesque. I have agreed. Me have got in furgonchik, have changed clothes for a suit, have put on a tie, a shirt. About a plot did not begin to explain, have simply put on a tribune. Near to Vladimir Gostjuhinym and Alexey Guskovym. From eleven to three on a tribune has staid and home have released. In shop did not begin to come back. For change have promised to pay under the average tariff.

a film have started to remove at the last director of industrial complex - Sergey Nosove. The premiere in an armchair of the general was found already by Alexey Kushnarev. But actor Baluev the proud profile of the person - rocks so is similar on former the steel king that all think: Noses - a prototype Izvolsky. Though on NTMK assure that this casual similarity.

HAS hooked

on the Film Hunting on izjubrja the national. Though not a melodrama like - politiko - an economic detective. But, it appears, to observe for artful financial combinations is more interesting, than behind love triangles - rhombuses and other complexities. And all because that all - from workers to chiefs, - to whom was necessary to work in 90 - e years at the large industrial enterprises - giants, that show in a serial is familiar. The cine history is a generalised character of everything that occurred at the time of process of formation of large proprietors in Russia in 90 - h years. One of the basic heroes of cinema - workers NTMK. Awesome proletarians - heroes 90 - h, fighting on meetings and defending the factory, in 2005 have played simply mass meeting... Now in Tagile at a film super - a rating. At cinema they see themselves. And not only in a role of silent mass meeting fulfilling a labour shift instead of the fee.


Where there lived stars?

Actors, the director and a film crew lived in sanatorium Lenevka . The basic wish of stars - a solitude and rest. About meal were unpretentious. Igor Lifanov (it in Ural Mountains already was when acted in a film the Huntsman ) Very much was interested in racetracks and a bath. Having learnt about it, one of tagilskih drivers has invited film group to itself in a bath. But itself with them has not gone. Was ashamed.

- both muzhiks, and women - all in one sweating room naked have jammed, - it swung a head then.

at us it was not pleasant to Vladimir Gostjuhinu - Nizhni Tagil has seemed to it dirty.

- it is a pity to me of people who here live, - the capital star spoke to the director of sanatorium Rimme Ilinoj.

But about people the actor has responded warmly: smiling, kind .