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In Novgorod from - for Porhova

to Treatment facilities of a city three with superfluous ten years badly smells. Useful biology which devours a waste of human manufacture, have killed in the eightieth casually merged phenol. So drains are cleared since then percent on twenty. The city spreads, syrzavod to the full extent works, in the summer in a vicinity numerous summer residents, and " run; thick intestines such agiotage is not capable to digest district. And consequently in Shelon a crude waste flows like water.
- impurity is more than norm in two hundred times! - representatives of supervising bodies are terrified.
the disorder is obvious not only by results of laboratory researches. For years probuskovki cleaning station water in Sheloni has got a characteristic smell.
- the summer resident more low on a watercourse even had legal proceedings from - for it, - the technologist of a water canal Svetlana Mihajlova remembers.
But that the summer resident - that summer already the governor of the Novgorod region Michael Prusak a fist on a table has begun to knock. After all Shelon regularly delivers plums in lake Ilmen.
- penalties we have not time to pay, - the director of a water canal Vladimir Dumich complains. - And to area reconstruction not to master.
- let the area would give to us of twenty millions, and ten area will add, - the head of area Leonid Kostritsa has offered the governor. - Stage by stage we will make
- Consider, reduce the price, we will search sofinansirovanie, - the governor has offered. - only it is not necessary stages. It is necessary to make all at once. In two weeks prepare definitive figure. By the way, sofinansirovanie is a policy of the regional power.
- people think that it the god-send will fall down, someone will come and all will make. We will not make, and we will help. And only in the event that there is an initiative and readiness to give all the best, - defines style of financial relations with municipalities the governor of the Pskov area Michael Kuznetsov.
In a policy channel there was Leonid Kostritsy`s offer on joint gasification of Porhovsky area. Within the limits of the regional program on conditions sofinansirovanija areas, area and townspeople this year will spend gas in two hundred houses.

and HOW At THEM?
In Island sewage kristalny! At least, according to representatives of Rostehnadzora, the head of a water canal of Island drinks sewage glasses to convince of effective clearing