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We protect a skin from a dust and a frost

How to choose a cream for face care

Correctly to clear a skin and thus not to hurt it not so - that simply, therefore during the day it is necessary to blot less it. Accurate people, leaving in slush the house, put on favourite leather footwear a protective cream. If with the same carefulness and a regularity to look after the person, using day creams, it will always shine freshness and a youth. The day cream has an easy low-fat consistence and at drawing on a skin is quickly absorbed. As a matter of fact, it is impossible to name it vpityvaniem as components of a day cream remain on a surface of a skin in the form of a thin film.

quality of a day cream depends mainly on its basis, and first of all from emolentov which are included into its structure. The basis of a day cream should be as much as possible safe, after all it is on the person long time. The day cream is put for protection, instead of for a skin food, it should not be a bait for microbes and a source of free radicals. Therefore despite utility of butters which contain polynonsaturated fat acids, they in a day cream should not be.

Day creams make on the basis of inert, not oxidised substances - silikonov, synthetic and semisynthetic aethers, the butters steady against oxidation. Besides, day creams are entered anticoagulants, the vegetative extracts possessing knitting, anti-inflammatory and toning up action, film-forming substances.