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vitse - the prime minister dug a potato in Gdovsky area

And now thinks how to equip the Pskov village

the First vitse - the prime minister of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has arrived to Pskov personally to find out, how affairs with agriculture development here are. The Pskov area - on special to the bill: our avaricious Non-Black Earth Region for crops long remains without attention (as well as the next Novgorod region where vitse - the prime minister has gone next day). Now, that something has grown, in addition to to the rural national project we needed the individual program of development of an agrarian complex. Rural adapt for new conditions and plough, sow and reap on credit

On shish kebabs in ostrovskuju village
One year ago in area village Glushni Ostrovsky was not pjatachkov, tails - one thrown farm. And now here it is possible and vitse - the prime minister to shish kebabs to invite. In April of last year farmer Victor Babiev has opened a personal part-time farm in Glushnjah: took the credit in 300 thousand roubles, reconstructed a building and has occupied its breeding svinkami. At the sight of the first vitse - a premiere havroni have got agitated and have lifted loud hrjuk. And 14 - the summer grandson of owners of a farm Nikita remained very happy with that Medvedev has shaken hands with it.

you give the credit!
Money on good beastliness occupied in Sankt - the Petersburg branch Rosselhozbanka under the guarantee. To find the guarantor in rather poor district - a problem uneasy. In plans of owners - one more credit, already in 400 thousand. it is an example very positive, but not such extended as it would be desirable, - Dmitry Medvedev has praised the farmer and has noted imperfection of system of crediting: - Should be not only credits under the guarantee - the flexible system is necessary. For example, credits on the security: Buildings highly end, a cattle livestock on otkorme . One more problem - impossibility to receive at once big elevating . We will tell, on economy resuscitation it is necessary 50 million, and solvency - any: ruin Over this vicious circle experts still should break a head. To lift village it is not enough one desire, and to overstrain not for long, podnimajuchi the desire multiplied by the state and administrative support " Is necessary; - has dictated the recipe of success Dmitry Medvedev.
however to obtain target credits there is all - taki easier: in November the Pskov regional branch " has opened; Rosselhozbanka which already has had time to give out to peasants of 20 million roubles. Money has come to 41 personal part-time farm and to five large agricultural enterprises. visiting session, and branch " is necessary not; Rosselhozbanka in each area of area - Dmitry Anatolevich has specified a development direction. No sooner said than done: in 2007 in region will open 6 additional offices in districts (in Novosokolnikah, Island, the Bottom, Bezhanitsah, Opochke and Nevele). And if we will well work, also the seventh we will open - in Velikie Luki! - the director of the Pskov branch " has promised; Rosselhozbanka Oleg Mukhin.

and shots who?
In agricultural technical school, a smithy of shots for country economy, Dmitry Medvedev was met by the best students, the future electricians.
- tell, who from you will go on a speciality to work? - Has asked in expectation of the big visitor a pause...
- everything, - competently responds the young man with Putin prishchurom. Well. Shortage of shots - one of village burning issues.
- That experts remained to work in countryside, it is necessary to develop and modernise an infrastructure, - Dmitry Medvedev agrees with heads of the Pskov economy. - on village there should be the feldshersko - akushersky point or office of the general practitioner, there should be necessarily a normal school, instead of poor, malokomplektnaja after which schoolboys have no possibility to continue the education. And in the Pskov area in this direction much is made, including at the expense of the system organisation podvoza schoolboys. More than hundred buses for pupils have bought at the expense of means of the regional budget, there is also a federal component, but it it is essential less. It is possible to praise only an area management for this work: after all if the bus goes to village - the village lives.
- current year the regional program on opening on village of a network of points of general practitioners is planned, - the governor Michael Kuznetsov adds. - These points will be provided not only the new equipment, but also transport.
however young experts should be also formed.
- the old checked up technics? - In technical school audience has specified vitse - the prime minister in elderly units - training apparatus .
- And what? - The director of an institution Alexander Zadontsev did not begin to open. - For the first acquaintance it is normal. Students should touch her hands. In it basic difference of students of college or school from high schools - at that theoretical knowledge is more, and at us - experts.
- and all - taki is good the pupil to the technician ponovee that knew how with modern equipment to cope, - has put in a word the head of a country economy Hope Hope of Kipjatkova.
- Yes, I in 84 - the m collected to year a potato at you in Gdovsky area, vilami. This technics of digging vilami should be buried for a long time. We will have grants for average special educational institutions, decent enough, 60 million roubles. 50 % of the grant the federal budget finances, 50 % - region. It is one of possibilities to update industrial base. And the employers interested in personnel updating, should support.

have found where to sell? Make!
Later, at meeting about development of agriculture of the Pskov area, Dmitry Medvedev has underlined: to extend from crisis agrarian sector, the initiative is necessary:
- For example, there is a project - manufacture rapsovogo butters in the Pskov area. It is clear that he will not solve all problems. But this one of the new directions, having development prospect. The factory in cost 20 - 25 million euro will pay off for 4 - 4,5 years. And, by the way, it coincides with the state direction of development: we have the commission from the President and the Government on bio-energetics development.
- our policy is that: That manufacturer who can make only, and what can sell the production achieves successes not. Therefore the future of agriculture we see in creation vertically integrated holdings, - has summed up vitse - the prime minister.