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In Pskov ice: hold a distance

Employees of GAI Representatives of the State traffic inspectorate oppose day of the tinman

left on a slippery slope. Yesterday in Pskov as, however, on all area, operation " started; Ice .
- the Next ten days our employees will convert special attention on the pedestrians passing road to infringement of rules, and drivers - the reckless drivers who are not observing a high-speed mode, - the inspector of GAI of the Department of Internal Affairs on the city of Pskov Olga Rostovsky explains. - operation is necessary to lower quantity possible dorozhno - transport incidents which are thrown continually to us by slippery road. Remember, last year from - for suddenly arisen glaze ices only for a morning (to 11. 00!) In a city have registered 27 failures?
courageous pedestrians will punish rouble - on 50 re from each noticed infringer. Fans of extreme driving should - depending on the speed chosen by them - from 50 to 300 roubles. But a leah it is necessary to risk health for the sake of strange pleasure to pay the penalty?
employees of GAI and a road condition will check up. How people responsible for this business clean snow? A leah salt streets yes a sand? For poor-quality work - too the penalty is necessary. The information on the most slippery city islets it is possible to phone in GAI: 72 - 04 - 62 . Of ice in court yard - complain in the house managements. It is better to leave fracture clinic without work.