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We have sighed easier!

in the Pskov shelter and correctional school 6 direct mostkiot small hearts to big

In a shelter a quiet time, kids sleep. Absolutely house rooms, warm carpets - coverlets, toys on the regiments, betrayed to the business and children collective - a shell for little cuckoos . Even it becomes a pity that this paradise should be left. Not it is a pity to children, adults. And children are torn home. From a shelter they have a chance to return to mum, whatever it was.

mums and fathers happen different. Boozers with the diagnosis a toxic hepatitis indifferent to hoarfrost, idlers and egoists. As an unusual case employees of a shelter mention mummy with the higher pedagogical: own child in the state house is a certificate of professional degradation or ushcherbnosti educations? To honour of this mum - as soon as there was a separation, it has risen from a sofa, has got a job (no, not in school) and waits, when the child will return.

that children come back in families, a merit of tutors and teachers. They search, finger, direct a shaky planked footway from small hearts to the big. Not necessarily to the parental. Aunts, uncles, girlfriends - any zatsepka for a family is good. The new regional law on an advowson, guaranteeing both the salary helps relatives, and a quite good birth grant. That the love has not broken about a life.

- Patronatnym to tutors the salary we will increase taking into account inflation, - the governor Michael Kuznetsov has promised. - and as to the Pskov shelter Thank God that such establishments are. This shelter very much differs from regional shelters, unfortunately for the last.

by the way, earlier the shelter was municipal, from last year it is financed by area. - yes you that became, of course, better! - Not for the press, and it is simple because so it and is, the teacher of kids speaks to me. - though have sighed easier! A case have bought, chairs have bought, carpets have bought!

correctional school 6 also a year on the regional maintenance. From change of places has won 3 million. But unexpectedly money it was required more. At summer night from - for short circuit has burnt out sports hall. Since autumn children are engaged in physical culture in two offices.

- I am adjusted on helping school with premise restoration, - the governor has declared. - as the school is capable to become the centre of work for all who is connected with a training and education problem in correctional classes. Here still the good software is would help to optimise activity.

- we give the task to the centre of information technologies, let will develop software product, - Yemelyanov`s Belief has supported the initiative the chief of regional management of education.

the Photo of Michael GLUSHCHENKO.