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Economy will be less, but they will be larger

the Governor recommends to agricultural manufacturers to unite

the Rural national project in the Pskov area has not gone : too sickly sprouts ascended on our soil that from them it was possible to wait for a plentiful crop - at least and by means of the national project. Since September, 2006 (then there has taken place a meeting of the governor of the Pskov area of Michael Kuznetsova with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin) all at last - with that have ceased to find fault rural vershoks in the form of ruin in agriculture of region also have dropped to to backs . The individual concept of development of agrarian and industrial complex of area and the agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation As a result was born: the federal centre will support us in a hard ploughed land. For this purpose, truth, we need to double own financing of agriculture. But we on it will go, - the governor has underlined, - because it is possibility to choose from the federal budget a limit in 400 million. But it is money not for everything, but only for those who works! the basic volume of means will go on crediting of viable economy, the rest - for breeding work, cost indemnification diztopliva, the ground account. Proportions now specify.

statisticans dishonest zertsalo

Whence in ours selhoze such decline if on a paper and in statotchetah all in general was quite good? It appears, statistics throughout last 15 years, and even more, ploughed only a paper field. Considered so that it is as much as possible attractive to look on a paper in the opinion of the federal heads . Even special shifts it was not required: in regional agrarian and industrial complex the share of personal part-time farms is very great, and to them the statistics is indulgent. With volumes, say, having bothered it is possible to manipulate in favourable to reputation of region the party. And left that to the beginning 2000 - h years we burenki gave almost 5 thousand litres of milk a year (in much more safe Flax - areas this indicator has made a little less). And actually a number of cattle with - krashchalos together with agricultural population. Who so was plentifully milked in becoming empty village - not clearly the Governor plans to bring statistics into accord with a reality: We expect falling of dairy manufacture on 5 - 7 % . But it is not terrible, because truth.

why the small do not want to adjoin the large?

- That who is not capable to survive alone and does not pull credits, we urgently recommend to unite, - Michael Kuznetsov has advised. While this process goes uneasy for the subjective reasons . Heads of personal part-time farms difficultly leave the poor independence also are afraid to be got involved in procedure of bankruptcy which the industrial enterprises have mastered for a long time. The regional authorities have no necessary powers to write off all debts and years saved fines and penalties, but lawful variants economically complicated associations are.

- collective farm Hundred years without a crop to which direct road to unite, will hold on like grim death, - the governor has ironically noticed. - than to think that it the tax inspector, is better heads of such economy will tell would think that there will be their workers. Responsibility before people over whom you supervise, is primary! The association, the perspektivnee is larger. Vertically - the integrated agricultural holdings will unite manufacturers and pererabotchikov. it is necessary to Make that is claimed in the market, - has noted Smiths. - We usually have a return process: we at first make, and then we think, how it to sell In modern spirit works Velikoluksky molokozavod, are capable to be tightened branches of the Petersburg company the Neva cheeses and Pskov molokozavod. If they want to work further, they will lead more actively, - the governor has hinted. - a competition it is good . As dairy sector - our competitive advantage. Michael Kuznetsov is assured that this sector will never make less half of all volume of agricultural manufacture.

Medvedev will help us

With recent visit of the first vitse - a premiere of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev the governor of the Pskov area sees essential attention to our agriculture from the federal centre : It is a tag: here it is necessary to help agrarian and industrial complex development . Practical advantage of this attention - activization of work of Pskov branch Rosselhozbanka. If its director Oleg Mukhin expected to open within a year only six branches on area already the governor names figure at least seven : Without a good network of banking establishments it is impossible to finance personal part-time farms effectively! landowners should understand that the agricultural credit - the same industrial tool, as a chopper and a shovel.