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Not all is visible to the governor from Pskov

Michael Kuznetsov prefers to get acquainted with work sotsialki on places

When region survives about a psychological climate do not speak. About a peace of mind in social establishments the governor of the Pskov area Michael Kuznetsov has in detail started talking for the first time in the Opochetsky house - a boarding school for invalids and aged. A good sign! Though to work on non-material level is not easier at all - here there are no accurate criteria and norms

Old men - robbers?
the House - a boarding school for aged and invalids in Opochke big - on 605 kojko - places. The regional budget willingly supports large establishments: only in 2007 the area plans to translate here 7 million roubles.
- we allocated means for repair, but in many respects positive dynamics - a management merit, - Michael Kuznetsov has noted. - money has conceived the effect.
Dramatic changes were noticed also by the speaker of regional Meeting Boris Polozov. Now in the house - a boarding school think not only of everyday problems, are baked and about a shower. In a house small chapel the paint has not dried out yet, and one week ago here have already served the first service. But it has not solved all questions
- Many old men disagree to go to similar establishments though in large houses - boarding schools we can offer them much best, than in far village, conditions. When in the stay by the deputy I met old men - they complained on dedovshchinu ... - the governor has remembered. - approach to it creatively, but here should offend nobody! For infringers of calmness at us is spetsinternat in Pljusse. We suggest you to be engaged in eradication of these problems, - Michael Varfolomeevich has softly hinted the head of department sotsrazvitija both work to Feodor Kohanovu and a boarding school management.

also it is not necessary to sentimentalise!
Meanwhile Pljussky spetsinternat it is hammered under an outset. The similar establishment is in Lokne. The six hooligans far from definition the God`s dandelion it is indicative have sent there. It became easier, but not for a long time the Basic misfortune - alcoholism: the drunk old man desjateryh will offend the sober.
last case - truth, the infringer has appeared the individualist - has occurred on parental Saturday. one Asked here on a cemetery to descend, it have released, - Feodor Ignatevich has told. - In 8 evenings it have found there almost freezing. Now gets warm in our hairdressing salon .
- With those who afflicts old men, it is not necessary to sentimentalise! - the governor has excited heads of establishment.
old men are afraid to complain. Michael Kuznetsov has charged to think over informing system: complaints should be not anonymous, but confidential.