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The present man`s fight is to you not mordoboj!

Those who was not too lazy to come last week to sports hall of a military part 76 - j air - a landing division, remained are very happy with the seen show. Here passed duels of boxers for a rank of champions of Severo - the West of Russia. Both participants, and spectators have noted high level of these competitions.
- I am happy with quality of tournament, - the chief executive of the Pskov regional branch of the Russian union of martial arts Evgenie Lazebnyj has noticed. - In each weight category champions and prize-winners of Russia acted. Duels of masters of sports of the international class - the finalist of the World championship of last year Alexey Shajdulina from Kaliningrad, the world champion on Dmitry Ivanov`s Armed forces and the silver prize-winner of the World championship of Daniel of the Swede (both boxers from Cherepovets), the double winner of the European championships Denis Tsarjuka became an ornament of our competitions.
Evgenie Georgievich and performances on these competitions of boxers of our area Has noted. Especially warmly he has responded about the Pskov pupils of the merited trainer of Russia Vladimir Ivasenko, trainer Alexander Beha and velikolukskih boxers whom prepared for the championship of Severo - the West of Russia Yury Artemyev.
two Pskov sportsmen - Sergey Pospelov in a weight category to 54 kgs and Konstantin Tostanovsky in the first light-middleweight weight became bronze prize-winners, and the superheavyweight the Novel Veselov in very persistent duel has won a silver award.
it was pleasant to all champions and prize-winners of competitions to receive awards from hands of the glorified sportsmen of our country. Among awarding - the president of federation of boxing of Severo - the West of Russia, the president of the union of veterans of war in Afghanistan Said Tulakov from St.-Petersburg, the world champion among professionals, the Pskov boxer Valery Brudov, by the way, the pupil of trainer Alexander Beha.
Certainly to hold tournament in such high level hard without assistants. Evgenie Lazebnyj has warmly thanked the businessman, the master of sports of the USSR on Vladimir Kruglov`s boxing, heads of firm the Old city and the organisations Sports Russia . But Evgenie Georgievich has especially noted the help of regional administration and personally the governor of Michael Kuznetsova. Thanks to the power the Pskov school of boxing has got the expensive equipment which provides electronic refereeing on conditions of carrying out of competitions of such level.
by the way, the governor Michael Kuznetsov, despite a dense operating schedule, has found time and has come to be ill on the ending for our sportsmen. And here it was waited by a pleasant surprise. In solemn conditions Evgenie Lazebnyj has handed over to Michael Varfolomeevichu ulostoverenie the president of the Pskov regional branch of the Russian union of martial arts.


the Photo: Glushchenko Michael

In a break between rounds Alexander Beh gives valuable instructions to the pupil to the Novel to Veselov.

From left to right: Evgenie Lazebnyj, Said Tulakov and Michael Kuznetsov.

the Photo: Glushchenko Michael

it is pleasant to receive an award from hands of the world champion among Valery Brudova`s professionals.