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To the soloist of group the Mill there were questions

In the beginning of January there was one unpleasant incident. In brief - group concerts « the Mill » have been quickly transferred from Variety theatre in « Arena ». This business was accompanied by small scandal of local scale. Here that the soloist of group, Natalia About &rsquo has about it written; Necks in the blog:

« Friends, Romans, compatriots! () I at all do not know Something, how it to formulate, so it is opposite to me and is sad... It was necessary to compose the Christmas program, to think out a picture, suits, visitors and arrangements, at the last minute to appear - to follow the tastes in a situation at any, forgive, threw, and to give out a product of doubtful quality, or first of all to show respect for audience. I am afraid that in this case the respect for audience means cancellation of concerts at Variety theatre. 8 (((

About delivery or failure to deliver or replacement of tickets while I can tell nothing, I wait for the information from, hm, organizers and a label ».

As a result the concert has taken place, and is thus successful. Fans are happy, all are happy, except the company which has organised the first concerts. Children have written the post card which we have decided to publish:

the Post card to the soloist of group « the Mill » to Natalia About ’ Necks from the general director of company ERESPI Leshcheevoj of Ampere-second.

« Company RSP in the name of the general director Anastasii Leshchevoj and producer Maxim Volkova is converted with the post card to the soloist of group « the Mill » to Natalia About ’ Necks concerning cancellation of Christmas concerts which should take place on January, 11th and 12, 2012 at Variety theatre.

In connection with unilateral cancellation by group « the Mill » Christmas concerts and numerous charges to RSP, voiced by the soloist of group Natalia About ’ Necks in mass-media and the Internet, company RSP wants to set to Natalia some question, logically following of this situation.

We ask you these questions in the form of the post card as this form of dialogue has been chosen by group « the Mill » when it has notified us on cancellation of concerts from the letters dispatched to our partners and published for the public on the Internet.

- Natalia, on what basis you accuse company RSP in « failure of works on the show organisation » whereas we have executed all block of works on the organisation of concerts which has been registered in our arrangements with company Navigator Records and personally with your producer Alexey Kozin?

- Why in interview you result as the facts, not representing the facts data about an advertising campaign, platform and equipment rent, and also the figures taken out of context which is not reflecting a real situation? While at the moment of your statement for cancellation of concerts co-ordinated with Navigator Records the advertising campaign and all preparation for a concert have been carried already out. And on January, 10th (on the eve of a concert) the necessary sound and light equipment has been preliminary paid and delivered to a concert platform.

- Our company had no direct contacts personally with you, with representatives of group « the Mill » all negotiations were carried out exclusively through Navigator Records. Why you have not specified at our general partners about what duties were assigned to itself by our company, and have extended obviously false information with unreasonable charges to our company, undermining our business reputation? And why, so strongly wishing not to leave spectators without the Christmas performance in Moscow, you have not tried to contact at all our company and to discuss arisen, in your opinion, the problems interfering its carrying out? While we were ready to dialogue and repeatedly offered various variants of cooperation, after all our main desire was that these concerts all - taki have taken place, and the spectators who have bought tickets, have seen that performance which they so wanted!

- But most of all to us your step with carrying over of performance to club Arena Moscow is not clear. What for it was necessary to transfer Christmas show in not adapted for concerts of such genre club? On this platform basically it is impossible to present that qualitative show which you intended to show and to which we, by your words, have appeared are not ready. Spectators who remained without the expected Christmas program have suffered from cancellation of concerts at Variety theatre first of all! Besides, a concert in club and a concert in « sedentary » to a hall sharply differ on the audience, therefore many spectators have not wanted and could not go in Arena Moscow. Under our data, less than half of the people who have bought theatre tickets of the Platform, have gone on a concert in Arena Moscow. And the fact of that were withdrawn from the spectators who have come on a concert under theatre tickets of the Platform, these tickets completely without a back separation « control » not only looks suspiciously, but also is infringement of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

We hope to receive from you the fair answer about the true reasons of cancellation of concerts at Variety theatre and their carrying over to club Arena Moscow. As a whole the situation with carrying over of a concert to other place without participation RSP looks as intended actions for the purpose of reception of benefit by the third party. After all all preparation and an advertising campaign has been carried already out by us and at our expense, and group performance has taken place this very day (on January, 12th) in club Arena Moscow with sale of tickets on an input on « overestimated » according to spectators, the price.

Except answers to the questions set forth above, company RSP demands from group « the Mill » and personally from Natalia About ’ Necks of public apologies and a refutation of the extended information harming to our image and business reputation.