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Prajmeriz in South Carolina have revealed the new leader on a presidential armchair

The presidential election in the USA is closer, the more surprises race for the main place in the White house presents. Several days ago among republicans with the big separation the former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romni was in the lead, and already today it takes only the second place. Now in leaders the former speaker of the House of Representatives Njut Gingrich, collected in South Carolina more than 40 percent of votes goes.   at Romni hardly less than 28 percent.

the Situation is surprising also that first three rounds republican prajmerez were defeated by three different candidates. Before victory the former senator from the Republican Party has gained, the representing State of Pennsylvania Rik Santorum in Iowa, and Romni in Nju - Gemshire.

Prajmeriz in South Carolina have revealed the new leader on a presidential armchair
the Photo: REUTERS

Uspehu Gingricha in many respects contributed its performance on debate. The candidate for presidents has declared that is ready to discuss with president Obama on any subjects, from religious questions to economy and public health services. « if I become the uniform candidate from Republican Party, and I think that with your help to a camp, I am ready to seven - to three-hour debate with Obama. I suppose that it can use the teleprompter » - Gingrich has told, addressing to voters. At this Gingrich has declared that the primary goal which now faces its country – it « to return America founding fathers ».

Points in a basket of Gingricha the governor of Texas Rik Perr whom leaving presidential race has added also, having urged supporters to support the colleague, as it can inflict defeat over Barack Obama on presidential election in November .

Thus lost Mitt Romni has found forces to congratulate the rival on prajmeriz and the party fellow. But has thus hinted that the basic struggle still ahead.