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Bonnie`s weapon and Clyde was sold by auction

What only unusual prizes were not exposed at auctions. Among them and a branch of an acacia from funeral Elvis Presley , and socks Bryan Adams , and drawing of buttocks of a star « Titanic » Kate Uinslet , and teeth Jack Nicholson , and cowards Vitaly Klichko ...

And here one of these days in the USA have organised auction « Majo » on which the weapon belonging to legendary American criminals of times of Great Depression - by Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and to Clyde Berrou has been sold.

we Will remind: this legendary couple has organised the gangster grouping making touches on banks and gaz stations in the central states of the USA at the time of Great depression in first third of XX-th century. Their crimes differed special cruelty. In 1934 of gangsters agents of FBI have killed in firing. However their names became nominal and designate lovers engaged in criminal activity.

the Main prizes of auction of the ancient weapon of a steel a system machine gun Thompson (so-called « tommi - gan ») 45 calibres, and also 12 - zarjadnaja a system rifle the Winchester . The buyer of the weapon of the legendary criminals, wished to remain the unknown person, has paid for Thompson of 130 thousand doll, and for a rifle - 80 thousand.

We long prepared for auction and are pleasantly surprised to that it was possible so well to sell these prizes - the owner of auction house Mayo Auction & has declared; Realty Robert Majo.

Under the available data, these the police has found a machine gun and a rifle in Bonnie`s refuge and Clyde in the city of Joplin in the State of Missouri when on April, 13th, 1933 between guards and murderers firing was fastened. Then Bonnie and Clyde managed to run away, having shot down two policemen. Then the weapon has come into the hands to the policeman the cities of Tulsa (State of Missouri) to Mark Lejmoru. It stored the weapon of the house more than forty years. And in 1973 the rifle and a machine gun have been passed in a museum of police of Springfield in the State of Missouri. And here is how then the weapon from a museum has fallen into in private hands it is not known. Nevertheless Majo has envied the new owner, having noticed that that « became the owner of historical values ».