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Case on fishing

All: both scientists, and the nature confirm every year thought on global warming of a climate. Here also it is winter, its first half is more correct, was warmer, than should be. But not here - that was, beginning with 18 - on January, 19th , in territory of Moscow Region was established enough - taki cold weather. Some days swept snow. All paths and the footpaths laid by fishers in territory of the Ivankovsky water basin, have been brought by dense snow.

But these difficulties – business relative. After all nothing will stop the present fisher in its desire much to fish. Here and I, being given « to a primitive instinct of the getter » has gathered for a reservoir. Day has stood out very frosty and solar. Completely packed, I have stepped into ice of the Moscow sea in 7. 30 mornings . It was still dark, but coastal reference points were already well looked through. The place where I went, in common people is called « at Dorofeja ». I will tell at once some words from history of this place. Ashore, between the Second and Domkinsky gulfs where - that still in 60 - ye years there lived the huntsman and called its Dorofej. I some times was in its small small house. At it it was always very cosy, warmly and affably, many fishers (including professionals) quite often took cover at it from suddenly raged elements. Opposite to its dwelling on distance 150 - 200 metres from coast many fishers have learnt pleasure poklevok good leshchej (fig. 1 see) – this place also began to name « at Dorofeja ».

Serktnoe a catching place - “ cool “ leshch it is provided
the Photo: Vitalys MAXIMS

Here and I have pricked up today « skis » to this treasured place. To reach there it is very simple: on the car it is necessary to drive through the tunnel, then through the bridge (hydroelectric power station) towards Dubna - 3 to a barrier which blocks journey on a dam of the Ivankovsky water basin, further already on ice to a proper place. If you have arrived by train (for example, from Moscow) leave   at railway station « The big Volga » further pass on foot to a stop   « Dmitrovsky highway » take the bus นน 1, 6, 11 and go to a stop « the Left coast ». Further all also – on ice on a footpath!

the Place « at Dorofeja » believe to me, for catching of a white bream very tempting. Depth from 6 to 7,5 metres . I catch so. Usually I drill on 6 - 7 lunok . Prikormka – boiled millet cereal and small motyl. Mormyshka – « a goat » on two pieces on a fishing tackle. One, three are more correct lunki, I drill together, and this place is as though base. On it I put 2 poplavochnye fishing tackles and one with a witness mark, on one in everyone lunku accordingly. On the rests I run with a fishing tackle equipped with a witness mark.

the drilling Scheme lunok
the Photo: Vitalys MAXIMS

Having executed all preparations, I start catching. As a rule, the white bream starts to peck minutes through 30 after prikormki. Here and this time minutes through forty float has promptly risen in lunke on a water surface, I have made cutting, and the first handsome man has begun to jump about me on snow. All fishers - leshchatniki know that prikormka small motylem yields good result, but not always: loves motylja and a ruff. This small small fish if will approach to a place prikormki delivers many superfluous unnecessary efforts. Here and I on poplavochnye fishing tackles had poklevyvat a ruff. After next poklevki I simply did not begin to pull out a ruff on a surface, and continued to catch on storozhkovuju a fishing tackle.

it is unexpected, where - that minutes through 15 , washing poplavochnaja a fishing tackle has sharply departed in lunku. I have made confident cutting and on other end of tackle have felt, as large fish was swept up under ice. The scaffold at me on a fishing tackle was in diameter 0,18 mm .

- probably, I will not pull out! - it was carried by at me in a head. Nevertheless, applying the experience on vyvazhivaniju large fish, I began to lift slowly fish upward.   That fish did not do sharp throws at podvodke it to ice, I a foot have thrown lunku snow. Also has correctly made: at zavodke fishes in lunku it has obediently entered into it. Struggle proceeded about 15 minutes. And here from lunki it was put out … who would you think? A pike! Having taken by the small hairs, I have thrown out it on snow. The pike weighed about 1,5 kg , mormyshka was hooked at it not in the mouth, and for an upper lip for this reason the scaffold and has not been had a bite.

All my body slightly shook, but I did not receive some such adrenaline for a long time already. And there was a following: when rather the bothered ruff was hooked on a hook, I did not begin to extend it, and the pike has coveted it, and, thereby, itself it has appeared on a hook. Here so sometimes happens: you catch one fish, and another comes across absolutely. This day I have caught 3 ten white breams and a pike and was happiest with the extraction. Day smoothly has passed in early evening, the decline was simply fantastic: the sky has been painted in ognenno - red colours. It was very silent, shouts a raven which as seagulls on the sea, always accompany fishermen were heard. Having received a good charge of positive energy, I have vigorously walked home, bearing in the fishing a box good ulov.

Century of RAMS, the Moscow region