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The former Omsk policeman accuse of swindle

the Version of the investigation

Operas Sergey Kostjuchenko has had time to make some steps from   cars …

- to Stand! FSB!

After these words it have laid on   asphalt and   have chained in   handcuffs.

From   hands of the arrested person the envelope has dropped out. In   it was 200 thousand roubles.

This history has begun last summer. Then senior operupolnomochennyj Kostjuchenko worked in   department on   to struggle with   economic crimes. As appears from   criminal case materials, to   to it familiar businessman Zhukov was converted. At   its friend Alekseeva there were problems with   business. The businessman suspected in   the volume that that tries to become the bankrupt not to pay a debt.

- You learn there that to   to that,   - approximately so Zhukov Kostjuchenko has told.   - Let Alekseeva will leave in   rest. You will help   - it in   to a debt does not remain. As considers a consequence, operas has agreed to help and   has asked for the services of 200 thousand roubles. Alexey`s money should pass through all the same Zhukov. During transfer of money of the policeman and   employees of FSB have detained.

By the way to help finish check it could not   - worked absolutely in   other branch, not engaged in this business. And   a post at   the policeman for   the similar decision there was not the most solid.

As to us has told the senior assistant administrator of SUV SKR on   the Omsk region Larissa Boldinova, knowing it, Kostjuchenko has simply decided to earn on   the businessman. Now it will judge on   to article « Swindle ».

From   polices of Kostjuchenko has left. For seven years of work in   bodies at   it is the set of reading and writing and   Awards. And   any reprimand. Agents of national security have caught skilful « the werewolf in   epaulets » or good an opera someone has substituted?

the Version of the suspect

- Zhukov I   I know with   2009,   - tells Kostjuchenko.   - He is engaged in sale of spare parts to   to Japanese cars. Sometimes I   bought them at   it. Andrey was really converted to me behind the help. Has told that at   its friend there are problems. Alekseeva I   the nobility   did not know. And   now with   to them it is not familiar. I   even its surname has learnt only from   business materials. Zhukov named it on   a name   - Ilya.

On   to words an opera, from   offers to help to solve a problem of Alekseeva he at once has refused. Has told what to participate in   similar   desires at   it is not present. He has only learnt, what department inspects the businessman,   - and   all.

- I   on a broader scale was engaged in economic checks in   to sphere of medicine and   anything to the businessman would not help,   - continues Kostjuchenko. On   to words of the suspect, with   Zhukov they did not communicate long time   - to   last summer. Kostjuchenko then money on   was necessary; arrangement of new apartment   - just 200 thousand roubles.

- I   has agreed with   Zhukov about   volume that I will take this sum in   a debt,   - Sergey speaks.   - in   to the car when it to me has transferred money, I   has written the receipt that I will return them to   August. And   when left from   salon   - me have detained.

Employees of FSB have detained last year suspected in the summer
the Photo: investigatory committee on the Omsk region

- Business in   volume that employees of FSB inspected in   the relation of the chief of one of   police departments on   to struggle with   economic crimes,   - the lawyer of the suspect Oleg Surov speaks.   - Zhukov said to the friend Alekseevu that will help to solve its problem. Asserted that at   it is the acquaintance whom he named « public prosecutor`s ». Said that that for 200 thousand roubles will safely finish check of the businessman. For the services Zhukov has asked 20 thousand roubles more from above. About   these conversations of Kostjuchenko did not know, after all he has refused to assist at once. Therefore Zhukov has swindled, when has entered in   error of the friend. It, by the way, long time was in   this business by the second suspect, and   before new year became the witness. On   what basis? In   this business it is a lot of nestykovok. We have already written the complaint in   the State Office of Public Prosecutor, but us as though do not hear. We are going to be converted to   to the president. And   we hope on   objectivity of court.

the Suffered businessman: « I do not know, who such Kostjuchenko »

Businessman Ilya Alekseev, from - for which and   all this history, as well as   has twirled; Zhukov, is engaged in sale of spare parts to   to foreign cars.

- I   was the guarantor on   to the credit,   - tells Alexeys.   - the person has ceased to pay it, and   from me began to collect money. It was necessary to begin bankruptcy procedure. And   then in   the relation me check has begun. One policeman demanded with   me money for its termination. Zhukov has told that can help me. Said that at   it is the acquaintance in   to this sphere. Me have put in   a stalemate, after all shop on   check time have closed. Therefore I   has agreed to bribe. And   has in parallel written the application in   FSB.

Approximately in   the same time check in   the relation of Alekseeva has ended. In   excitation of criminal case against the businessman have refused. The problem was resolved by itself, and   to bribe the chief of department of police to it it was not necessary. But, as we already wrote, before Alexeys tried to solve in parallel a question through Zhukov. As a result criminal case have got on   an opera of Kostjuchenko.

- I   I do not know, why Kostjuchenko,   has suffered; - tells Alexeys.   - it is Perhaps casual or from - for the greediness. I   with it it is even not familiar.

the Point in   this confused business will put court. He will solve, a leah Kostjuchenko in   is really guilty; swindle. Date of the first hearing is not appointed yet.

Names and   surnames of businessmen are changed.

We will watch development of this history.

Agents of national security open the Question of day more and more corruption crimes. That it   - a facade or real struggle with   bribe takers?

Andrey ALEKHIN, the deputy of Legislative Assembly:

- it seems To me that in all this struggle with   corruption there is more than public relations. Many really detain, accuse of bribery, and   then in   business court are scattered. How it is possible to explain it?

Evgenie VINICHENKO, the head a press - services of Management of Federal Agency of court enforcement officers on   the Omsk region:

- I do not see any facade. Simply now for   people there were possibilities to inform about   the corruption facts   - the Internet, telephone hotlines. The huge role is played by the social advertising directed on   struggle against bribes. From here and   such results.

Alexander KUSHNAREV, the chairman of regional electoral committee:

- As soon as and with what in   to our country did not struggle! The main thing, that on   The business there was a war with   corruption, and   not kampanejshchina. The system approach is necessary. That checks passed in all spheres and   on the top! And   that at   us now, judging by   to the statistican, the main things korruptsionery   are GAI officers and   doctors. In   the core only them and   catch.

Yury FOKIN, the employee poiskovo - a life-saving service:

- My friend   - the employee of power department. The compromising evidence on   y at   it a full table. But to   vessels can be finished business, only if the heads give OK. The police does the business not better and   not worse, than earlier. Simply to plant for a bribe it is possible only e whom will resolve.

Sergey starovojtov, the political scientist:

- All it is similar on   not so clever project of the power. In   to any structure always korruptsionery, thieves were approximately in   Identical quantity. Hardly lately their number has grown. If tomorrow the power through federal mass-media starts to speak actively, to   to an example, about   corruption among doctors people will be afraid to go to   to physicians. It is important to understand   - what for it becomes. Along with   negative situations it is necessary to show and   good deeds   - as the same militiamen rescue someone or open crimes.

Dmitry SHEJKO, the lawyer:

- Law enforcement bodies have received installation to work in   this direction. And   they now do not hesitate to speak about   the successes which really are. Together with   they work as that as - that selectively. Someone expose, and   on something close eyes.

Alexander SHLEMENKO, one of   the best fighters in the world on   to fights without rules:

- the first is faster. Same it is visible on   to officials, at   which official salaries not such big. Many of them drive about on   smart foreign cars. On   expensive cars with   their incomes you will not earn. Earlier though hesitated as - that. And   police in   the core catches for bribes the small fry. And   if from   serious people on   someone open case, most likely, has not shared with   whom it is necessary. Or want to show: see - we work!

Cyril KOLJASIN, the chief executive of the company « Pro »:

- I Think, and   that, and   another. Even if a facade   - the positive effect is: korruptsionery, looking on   these events, start to be afraid. And it is possible, refuse from   bribes from   fearings of consequences.

Svetlana PRISHCHENKO, senior lecturer OmGpU:

- Put those who takes on   Trifles, or those who has ceased to be necessary or stirs to the heads. I am afraid that the declared war with   corruption will lead only   to that the size of bribes will grow.

Victoria TAMBOVTSEVA, a public relations - the expert:

- the Facade! Corruption does not become   less; - and   it will be confirmed with any simple person. All as dared through familiar and   bribes, and   remains: to arrange the child in   the garden to get to   to the good doctor for a bribe   is meets on   everyone to a step. But to struggle with   it anybody and   does not think.

Vadim SOROKIN, the student:

- Agents of national security against corruption   is as bees against honey, alcoholics against vodka, fate against guitars!