Rus News Journal

The Don crocodile

Has reached at last - taki reservoirs favourite. All « zamanuhi » microlakes and old channels in pojme Don between Nikolaev and Konstantinovsky hydrosites.

Barrels strashennyj a wind, sometimes twisting in small tornadoes which lifted water. Never earlier in our strip of the similar observed. Since morning in 8. 00 the biting was absent.

the First tail have caught having got into cane thickets where the wind was much weaker. Has worked Dead Float from Tsuribito . Still approximately an hour later one of shchuchek has coveted « sostavnikom » from Strike Pro then all has calmed down for a long time.

Already on a way back I torn apart by evil spirits of contradictions have climbed in a box with large wobblers and dzherkami, have put big-nosed urodtsa Zalt ! Already on 5 - 6 zabrose has persuaded at uniform conducting on it a pike on 14 kgs . It is remarkable that the first time she attacked its metres in twenty from a boat then followed it as adhered and at repeated languid attacks has dared only about the boat when it was slowed down and has gone upwards. And it was marked definitively already when I got it from water

Igor, Mines